Storing Your Motorcycle For the Season

Man riding motorcycle with text "storing your motorcycle for the season"

September is nearly here, and in Detroit, that means the temps will soon be cooler and the time people spend outside will decrease. A few warm days might persist through the middle of the month, but if you’re someone who loves riding his or her motorcycle during the warmer times of the year, it might be time to be thinking about storing your bike for the season. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the ideal unit for the fall and winter months, and we always have affordable options available at all of our locations.

Draining Gas and Oil

dreamstime_xxl_14661669Motorcycle owners have varying opinions on whether or not to drain the gas and oil before putting a bike into long-term storage. You may have stored a bike before and left everything as it was, and the motorcycle started up perfectly the first time you took it out on the road. You may have also experienced the opposite, where you left the gas and oil in the bike, only to have it seize it up the first time you started it.

If you know the ins and outs of your bike, then you should be able to make the best decision regarding the fluids inside the engine and gas tank. You can always drain the oil and put some fresh in come spring, and add some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. If you’re unsure, it’s best to talk with a mechanic about what he or she would do regarding their own bike, and speaking to a motorcycle mechanic specifically can often put you on the right path.

What Unit Size is Best?

If all you’ll be storing is your motorcycle, you may only need a unit that’s large enough to wheel the bike in, put the kickstand down, and leave it (with enough room for yourself, of course). A 5’x5’ space could suffice, but if you have other items, such as motorcycle helmets, jackets, and other gear, you may want to choose a slightly larger unit. We have a number of sizes available, and if you’re worried about your bike and your gear getting too cold, we do offer climate-controlled units. Both our standard and climate-controlled spaces are available on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying for storage time you don’t need.

More Room in Your Garage

During the spring and summer, you were able to park your motorcycle in the garage and keep your car or truck in the driveway, but now that fall and winter are coming, they arrangement may not work any longer. You’ll need to pull your car into the garage to protect it from rain, wind, and snow, and that leaves your bike without a place to go. A seasonal self-storage unit can be the perfect alternative to trying to fit everything in your garage or asking your friends or family if you can store your bike on their property.


If you’re thinking about where and how you’ll store your motorcycle this fall, come to EZ Storage® today. We have several locations all across the greater Detroit area, and the staff at each facility can help you find the unit that will work for your needs and your budget. You might be sad thinking about you won’t be able to ride again until March or April, but you’ll feel better knowing that your bike is safe and sound for the colder months of the year.

Contact us today to find the perfect storage solutions. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the ideal space!