Storing a Friend’s Belongings

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There may come a time when a friend asks you if they can store something in your garage or basement for a few months. They might be planning to move to another house, or they may be preparing for military deployment that will last for the foreseeable future. Whatever the case may be, you’re happy to help them out, but it’s good to get an idea of how long they need to store their belongings on your property.

At EZ Storage®, we’ve met many people who don’t have enough room in their house or garage for their own property, let alone anyone else’s. If you’re going to store some things for your friend, then why not take a look at one of our self-storage units in Philadelphia for that little bit of extra space?

Moving Your Things Out of the Way

dreamstime_xxl_44980609 (1)You might be planning to move some of your things out of the basement or garage, simply to make more space in your home. You might have excess furniture or seasonal items such as camping or skiing gear that you don’t want to keep on the property, and moving these things into storage can make a lot of sense. This can also free up space, should a friend or relative need to store something for a short period of time. You can rent a storage unit for your things so that you have more space, or you can put items in the unit so that you have room for a friend’s belongings – whichever you choose, your things will be protected!

Rent a Storage Unit Together

One reason your friend may be looking for a place to store their things because they don’t have the budget to rent a storage unit on their own. On top of finances, they might not be sure how long they need storage, and they don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract. At EZ Storage®, all of our units are available on a month-to-month basis, so your friend can rent a space for two months, and if it turns out they need a third month, they can simply pay for that time.

One way to take care of the cost of the storage unit is to split it between the two of you. You likely have items that you want to store, and your friend definitely has things they need to put into storage, so renting a unit together often makes the most sense. You might only need a small unit for all of your combined stuff, and renting together can make everything more affordable, not to mention that you won’t have to give up space in your house for their belongings.

If you have friends asking if they can store things on your property, or you want to rent a storage space together to save money, then let our team help you find the perfect option. With our self-storage units in Philadelphia, you can keep everything safe and sound for as long as you need.

We look forward to meeting you!