Storing Your Fencing Supplies

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When you drive through the neighborhoods of St. Louis, you’ll see all types of fences – wooden, chain link, PVC, and many more. People put up fences for privacy, security, and aesthetics, and fencing companies across the city are always working to provide homeowners with the options they want. If you’re starting a new fence installation and repair business, or you’re running out of space in your current building, a self-storage unit might be the ideal option. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the best spot for all of your fencing supplies.

Temperature-Controlled Spaces

dreamstime_xxl_28870218If you mainly work with wooden fence materials, then you know how important it is to keep them protected from extreme temperature fluctuations. Heat can cause wood to warp and swell, and that can make your posts and slats unusable for your next project. We offer climate-controlled units that make it easy to protect your wooden fencing.

Protect Your PVC

Ornamental and privacy fencing are two very popular options, and many styles are made with PVC materials. While lightweight and fairly easy to install, PVC can be broken or cracked when too much pressure is applied to it. If you don’t have adequate storage space in your building, you may be looking for a safe spot to keep your PVC fencing. Since plastic options often come in pre-made sections, a storage unit can be a great choice for these materials.

A Secure Solution

If you have to store some of your fencing supplies outside, you might be looking for a way to keep everything protected from the weather. You may have a temporary solution such as a tarp or some other form of covering, but self-storage can offer a more secure alternative. One of our indoor units can keep everything dry, and you won’t have to worry about your materials being out in plain view, even if they’re behind a fence of their own.

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Convenient Access

You may work all across the St. Louis area, and you may have to stop working by a certain time each day so you can pack up and drive back to your company building. This can prolong certain projects, especially if they’re on the other side of the city. With a storage space, you can keep working later and drop everything off when it works for you. We have four locations in the metro area, and each one offers access hours until 9:00pm on every day of the year. If you’re installing a fence in the summer and you want to keep working until the sun goes down, you can still stop by your unit and store everything for the night.

Seasonal Storage

dreamstime_xxl_9825719Spring and summer may be your busy times of year, whereas fall and winter are bit less hectic. If you schedule all of your jobs between April and September, you may only need storage for those months. You order enough materials to complete your seasonal products, and with our month-to-month leases, you only have to pay for the time you need. You don’t have any inventory during the winter months, so why keep paying for a storage unit?

Delivery Options

When you rent a unit as a business, you can arrange to have deliveries made directly to your rented space. Our facility manager will make sure that all of the fencing materials you ordered are stored properly, and you can of course be there to oversee everything. This can make your workflow much easier, and you can keep materials closer to your current job site!

If you work as a fencing contractor, or you’re starting a new fencing business, come to EZ Storage® today and we’ll help you find the perfect solutions.

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