Store Your Summer Wardrobe

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July has a week left in it this year, and the dog days of August have yet to arrive, but you might already be thinking about what your plans are for the fall. The arrival of autumn and the cooler weather it brings means you’ll be putting your shorts and t-shirts away and breaking out pants, jackets, and maybe even gloves and hats. Storing your summer wardrobe can be tough if you don’t have the space in your closets and dressers, and EZ Storage® in Detroit can help you find the best options.

Storing Your Clothes

dreamstime_xxl_9328Before you begin packing your summer wardrobe into boxes or tubs, make sure everything has gone through the laundry and is clean and dry. You’ll want to fold each garment neatly, and you don’t want to stuff too many items into one box or tub. You want your clothes to be able to breathe, and you can add moisture-fighting products such as silica gel packets. If your clothes have buttons, zippers, or clasps, make sure they’re not being compressed or can get caught on anything during packing, as that can damage them. You can also put cedar blocks in your boxes of clothes, as they are a great alternative to mothballs and can help keep pests away.

Climate-Controlled Options

It’s often best to store clothing at a consistent temperature, and that’s where climate-controlled storage comes in. Your summer wardrobe may not have much fur and leather in it, but you still want your clothes to be safe from damage that can be brought on by extreme heat or cold. We have a range of units that are available with climate control, and we’ll gladly help you find the right one.

Label Everything

dreamstime_xxl_35611754It’s important to label every box you put into self-storage, but it’s perhaps even more important when it comes to clothing. You might already have your winter clothing in your unit, and it can be easier to find if each box is clearly labeled. When packing up your summer clothes, mark each box on the top and the side with labels such as “Beachwear” or “Shorts and Skirts.” If you’re storing sandals and flip-flops as well, you may be able to fit them between items in your boxes. Be sure to note which box your shoes are in so you don’t have to open every one next summer to find them!

Keeping summer clothes in a storage unit can be a great option for those who don’t have the space in their home. You might think you can simply take your fall and winter clothes out of a box and put your summer wardrobe in, but you may run out of space sooner than you think. We can provide a suitable option, and with our month-to-month leases, you only have to store things for the time you need.

Stop by one of our Detroit-area locations today to learn more about our affordable options. We can keep your clothes, shoes, and everything else safe until you need them again.

We look forward to helping you!