Store Your Patio Furniture for the Season

Furnished outdoor patio with fireplace

Even though warmer weather will soon be on its way, it may be a few months before you’re sitting outside on a regular basis, enjoying the Philadelphia sunshine. If your patio or pool furniture is taking up space in your garage or backyard shed, EZ Storage® can provide a better solution. With one of our self-storage units, you can store your outdoor furniture for the fall, winter, and early spring, and bring it home when the weather warms up.

Monthly Storage Options

dreamstime_xxl_6922432Since you only need to store your furniture for the months when you’re not using it, you don’t necessarily need a storage unit for the entire year. Some facilities will require you to sign a year-long contract, even if you’re only using the space for six out of the 12 months. At EZ, we offer monthly leases on all of our storage units, so you only have to pay for the time you need. You can leave your patio chairs and table in your storage unit from November through March, and then use them from April to October!

Swapping Out Seasonal Items

If you have holiday decorations that you took down some time in January, but they’ve been sitting in your garage or basement since then, spring is the perfect time to swap them out with your patio or pool furniture. You can access your storage unit on any day of the week, so you can bring your boxes of decorations and seasonal items when it’s convenient for you. Instead of boxes cluttering up your home, they can be safely stored away until you need them again for the next holiday season.

Selling Old Furniture To Make Room for New

Perhaps your patio furniture is looking a bit dated, but it’s still in good shape, and you want to try to sell it. Since summer isn’t quite here yet, it might take a few weeks for someone to offer to buy it, but you want to get it out of your garage or shed to make room for the new furniture you’ve already picked out at your local home goods or department store. You can move your old furniture into your storage unit, and once it sells, you can arrange with the buyer to come and pick it up at our facility. This will save them from having to find your house, and loading the furniture into their truck might be much easier in front of your storage unit instead of in your driveway.

If you’ve already bought your new patio furniture, but don’t have room for it on your property until spring has arrived, you can keep it safe and protected from the elements in a climate-controlled storage unit. Our staff will gladly help you find the right storage space for the time you need.


When you’re searching for seasonal self-storage in Philadelphia, make EZ Storage® your first choice. Our commitment to providing the best storage solutions is second to none, and we can keep your belongings safe during any season.