A Storage Unit vs an On-Site Trailer

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As a business owner, you want to keep your inventory and equipment safe and sound at all times. If you have a storefront, you may be able to keep all of your products inside, but if you work in an industry that requires you to travel to various job sites (construction, landscaping, etc.), you may not have the space to store everything inside. Many companies utilize on-site storage trailers, and while they offer certain conveniences and advantages, there can also be some drawbacks. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the right storage space for your commercial equipment.

The Risks of an On-Site Trailer

dreamstime_4747956Some industries, such as construction, move storage trailers from site to site so that workers have access to the materials and equipment they need. This can make the job move faster, but there are some risks involved with mobile trailers. If your company is renting the trailer by the month, the costs could be higher than what you would pay for a monthly self-storage rental. You may also have to pay someone to move the trailer each time, and those costs can add up quickly.

As far as security goes, your trailer is most likely made of durable metal and comes with locking doors. However, if you’re leaving it on the job site overnight, it could be at risk for break-in and theft. Even a sturdy padlock can be broken, and the last thing you want is to come back in the morning to find valuable equipment missing. At EZ Storage®, all of our facilities feature computer-controlled gates, 24/7 surveillance, and individual door codes with alarms. Our staff and resident managers also keep an eye on everything.

Renting a Commercial Storage Unit

If you’re not in the construction or roofing business, but you run a local retail store, you may be debating between getting an on-site trailer or renting a commercial storage unit. You might have too much inventory for your small storefront, but you can’t afford to move to a larger location quite yet. Depending on what you’re storing, it might make sense to get a small on-site trailer, but it’s important to keep in mind that certain items may not fare well in a storage trailer. Without the proper climate control, your inventory could end up being damaged. At our Detroit locations, you can find a climate-controlled space that will keep your products at the proper temperature.

Even if you’re storing things for just a few months, it can make more sense to rent a local storage unit rather than invest in an on-site trailer. Our storage spaces are more secure and more affordable than a trailer, and you’ll have the peace of mind that you made the right financial decision and that your items are safe and sound.


No matter where you’re located in the greater Detroit area, you can find an EZ Storage® facility near you. We’re always happy to help business owners find the perfect solutions, and our month-to-month leases make it rent a unit for the time you need.

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