Storage For Your Busy Summer Season

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If you’re a small business owner who relies on seasonal work, such as a landscaper or house painter, you most likely look forward to summer every year. You might work another job or focus on interior projects during the colder months of the year, but once the temperatures warm up, you get ready for your busy time of year. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can provide affordable storage for your small business for the summer months.

Lawn Mowers and Landscapers

dreamstime_xxl_9226839Spring and summer are a great time for new landscapes, and if you own a lawn or landscaping business, you know that business is going to pick up as the weather improves. Homeowners want their grass and gardens kept looking great, and if you don’t have a safe place to store your mowers, trimmers, and other equipment, a small self-storage unit can be the perfect solution. You may have a specific service area, and one of our metro area storage facilities could be centrally located for your business. Instead of keeping everything in your garage or leaving it on the trailer overnight, you can put everything behind a secure door every night. Our access hours make it easy to pick up your equipment at the beginning of the day and drop it off when you’re done in the evening.

House Painters

While many houses now have some form of siding on them, there are still plenty that need to be repainted every few years. If you own and operate a summer house painting business, it can be beneficial to have a safe place to store your paints, brushes, ladders, and more. Perhaps you have a bunch of scaffolding that’s difficult to store on your property, and one of our mid- to large-sized units can suffice as an alternative. You may paint from sunup to sundown, and you can visit your storage unit between 6:00am and 10:00pm.

The Perfect Seasonal Solution

Since your seasonal business really picks up between May and September, you might only need storage for those months. Instead of paying for a year, you can lease a storage unit from us on a monthly basis. dreamstime_xxl_2682146This makes it more affordable, and can perhaps even help you increase your profits for the year. On the other hand, since your business is seasonal, you may need storage for the off months when you aren’t using your equipment and supplies. Whatever the case may be, EZ Storage® can help!

The days are getting longer and the temps are getting warmer, and if you’re getting ready for another busy spring and summer, visit one of our storage locations today. Our helpful staff will assist you in finding the perfect unit, and we can keep all of your equipment safe until you need it for a job or when you’re done for the day. We’ve served the Philadelphia area for many years, and we know we can help you find the perfect storage solutions.

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