Are You Spending the Summer Overseas?

An overlook view of seaside houses and villas

If you have the opportunity to spend the summer overseas, whether studying as a student, doing humanitarian work, or simply seeing the world, you want to make sure your belongings are safe and sound. You may be thinking about hiring a house sitter, but if you can’t find anyone or you’d rather put all your valuable items someplace secure, a self-storage unit could be the ideal solution. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can protect your possessions for as long as you need, and we have a number of units available for the summer.

Protect Against Theft

dreamstime_xxl_4738700One of the chief concerns people have when they leave home for an extended period of time is that someone will break into their house and steal their valuables. You may have invested in a home security system, and a neighbor or friend may be checking on your property, but break-ins can still occur. A thief may notice your nice new flat screen TV through your window, decide they want to take it, and then come back that night to steal it. Home security will alert the authorities, but the thief could be long gone by the time the police arrive.

If you have valuable property that you store outdoors or in your garage, such as your car or a boat, it can make sense to store it in a secure facility while you’re gone. You’re not going to be there to use those vehicles, and EZ Storage® can keep it safe until you return. You definitely don’t want to leave your car parked on the street or at the airport while you’re gone for a month!

Between Residences

You might be moving out of your current residence this summer, and instead of looking for a new place right away, you’re going to take this chance to travel and see the world. The money you’ll save on rent and other living expenses can be put toward storage and your travel costs. You may be able to stay with friends or family when you return, and your belongings will be safe and sound in a storage unit, instead of being crammed in your cousin’s basement or parents’ garage. If your lease is up and you want to spend the summer traveling instead of looking for a new place to live, let us help protect your belongings.

Enjoy Your Travels

dreamstime_xxl_33177391If you tend to worry about your property while you’re away from home, a self-storage unit can help put your mind at ease. Instead of thinking about your car sitting on the street or your TV sitting in plain view, you’ll know they’re safe and secure in your storage unit. It’s still a good idea to have someone check on your property while you’re gone, but you won’t have to worry about your valuable items.

If you’re getting ready to set out this summer, come to one of our Philadelphia storage facilities to find the ideal unit at an affordable price.

We look forward to helping you!