Did You Sort Through Belongings During the Holidays?

Man and women entering a room with boxes and text "Did you sort through belongings during the holidays?"

The holidays may seem like a distant memory, even though they were only a month ago. If you had family come to visit, then hopefully you enjoyed your time together and you took the opportunity to make lasting memories with your loved ones.

Another thing you may have done is gone through some personal belongings with your family. If your kids came to visit, then they may have gone through their old bedrooms and sorted through boxes and tubs that have been in the closet since high school. There might have been items that they decided to take with them, while others are destined to stay in boxes for the foreseeable future. If you want to keep those boxes elsewhere, such as a self-storage unit, then come to EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh today!


Time for Things to Go

While you’re fine with keeping your kids’ belongings for a few yeears, there comes a time when things need to go. Your son or daughter may not have the space to take everything, but removing a few boxes or tubs from their old bedroom can be a great help. If there are larger items such as furniture, then talk with them about splitting the cost of renting a storage unit. That way, the items are out of your house, and are still safely stored until your son or daughter can take them to their home.

Sorting with Siblings

dreamstime_xxl_10812473 (1)Perhaps you live in the house your parents used to live in, and your siblings still have items stored there. There may also be things that belonged to your parents that you’ve held onto because of the memories that are tied to them. The holidays can be a great time to look through these belongings and decide who wants to take what, and what could perhaps be placed in self-storage. If one or both of your parents passed away in recent years, then there could be boxes that haven’t been opened since that time. While it might be tough at first, it can be very helpful to sort through these belongings and decide what is to be kept, what can be stored, and what should be tossed or donated.

Find Storage Today

If you took the time to sort through certain belongings or clean out closets during the holiday season, then let EZ Storage® help you find the right self-storage solution. It might be the only time of year when the entire family is in one place, and it can be fun to look through old boxes and other treasures that have been in the basement or the garage for several years. People can discover items that they thought were long gone, and you can create more storage space in your house for things that you want to keep.

Visit one of our metro-area locations today to find a unit that meets your needs. The staff members and resident managers will be more than happy to answer your questions, and they can show you which units are available. Every space is available on a monthly basis, so you can rent one for the time you need.

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