Safely Store Your Work Vehicle

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Many people travel for work, and a majority of them go by air. However, if you have to travel for your job, and the destinations are within driving distance, then you’re likely going to take a car rather than a plane. If you have a work vehicle that you use for most of the year, then you might need somewhere to park or store it when you’re in the office for a few weeks. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can provide you with an exceptional self-storage unit for your work vehicle.

Putting on the Miles

dreamstime_xxl_48383963Commuting to work at an office can be challenging, but if you’re on the road for work for a majority of the year, it may feel like you live out of your car. You’re going from hotel to hotel, or you might be staying in an Airbnb in every city. You’re driving a lot every day, and even if you’re reimbursed for travel expenses, your car is quickly putting on the miles. Being able to store it and drive your personal vehicle for awhile can keep your work car in better shape, and make it keep running longer than if you continue to drive it when you’re back in Philly.

Safe from Wind and Weather

Your work vehicle is subjected to all types of wind and weather when you’re on the road, and you do all you can to protect it while you’re traveling. You park in garages or covered lots, and you always check the weather for where you’re going to be. The last thing you want is to have something happen to the car while it’s parked in your driveway at home, which is why a self-storage unit is a great choice. Our sturdy spaces will keep the car dry and protected from wind, hail, and other hazards.

Seasonal Storage

dreamstime_xxl_34803233You may be on the road for a majority of the year, but once winter rolls around, you’re working in the office full time. You don’t need the car again until March, and with seasonal storage options from us, you only have to pay for the time you need. If you’re planning to park the car from November to March, then those five months are all you’ll pay for. Be sure to also ask about a free* month of storage when you rent your new space.

At EZ Storage®, we’re dedicated to helping people find the perfect self-storage units in Philadelphia. If you have a work car that you drive for most of the year, but you need somewhere to store it when you’re in the office, then visit one of our metro-area facilities today. The staff members and resident managers at each location will be able to help you find the right space, and they’ll gladly answer any questions that you may have. You’ll be able to feel confident that your vehicle is safe and sound, and that it will be in great condition when you come to pick it up.

We look forward to helping you!


*On select sizes, some restrictions apply.