Do You Run a Summer Day Camp?

Children happily jumping into a lake with text "do you run a summer day camp?"

Once summer arrives, parents all across Philadelphia are looking for things for their kids to do. Moms and dads don’t want their little ones spending all of their time in front of the TV, and getting the kids involved in things they’re interested in can be a great way to spend the summer. One possibility is enrolling the kids in a day camp, and if you run a summer day camp, then you know how much planning and preparation goes into getting everything ready.

At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the perfect self-storage options for your day camp supplies, no matter if you run a theater camp, a sports camp, or a dance camp. Visit one of our Philly storage locations today to learn more!

Keep Supplies Safe

dreamstime_xxl_12386690 (2)Depending on the type of camp you run, you might have supplies such as costumes or protective gear that you use year after year. You want these things to be kept safe when they’re not in use, and putting everything into storage could be the best option. Our units offer secure protection for as long as you need, and once the next summer rolls around, you can pick everything up and be ready for the next round of kids.

A Place for Donations

If your day camp is sponsored by a non-profit, then you may receive donations throughout the year. While monetary donations are great, you may actually need old clothes or art supplies for your camp. Renting a storage unit will give you place to put these donations until it’s time to set up camp for the summer. If you don’t end up using all of the donations, you can put the extras back into your unit and keep them secure until next year!

Keep Projects Secure

You may run a woodworking camp or a craft camp, and the goal of your camp is for kids to create and finish a certain project, or several projects. Depending on the age of the kids, these projects may be small or large, and for those larger projects, you may need a place to store some things until the child and their family can pick up their project. You may also be making items, such as tables or chairs, that will be donated to a local charity, and there will be an interim between the end of camp and when you can deliver the finished projects. Whatever the case may be, if you need somewhere to store your camp projects, we can help you find the ideal solution.

Find Your Self-Storage Today

EZ Storage 7425 State RoadIf you run a summer day camp, then let EZ Storage® help you find the right options this year. You might be tired of storing things in your basement or your garage, or asking other volunteers to keep things at their houses. With our month-to-month leases, you can rent a space for the time you need, and then pick everything up before camp starts. If you need a unit for the entire year, you can access it on any day, and our resident managers and staff members will be around to help, should you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to meeting you!