Retiring and Heading Out on a Trip?

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Once people retire, they often have lots of plans to travel and to try new things. They want to see places they’ve never seen before and experience things they haven’t experienced before, but there can be things that keep them from doing what they want to do. They may feel tied to a certain place because they’ve lived there for so long, or they may not want to leave their house unattended for weeks at a time. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for those belongings you don’t want to leave unattended while you head out on your first post-retirement trip.

Storing Valuable Items

dreamstime_xxl_30839614You may have spent your life amassing a collection of rare items such as coins or stamps, and you want to protect your valuable investment. If you don’t want to leave expensive or unique items in your home while you’re gone, placing them in a storage unit can be a great alternative. Instead of sitting in your basement or attic, these boxes of valuables can be protected behind concrete and metal.

Renting Out Your House

If you plan not to be home on a regular basis once you retire, then you might be considering renting out your house to make a bit of extra income. You might list it on AirBnB or a similar site, or you might have a friend or relative who is looking for a place to live. Whatever the case may be, there are likely going to be items that you want to move out of the house. On top of your valuable items, you may need to put some furniture into storage. We can help you find the right space for your stuff, and you’ll know it’s protected while you’re gone.

Preparing for a Sale

dreamstime_xxl_14699602One of the things that may be tying you to where you live is the sheer amount of stuff that you own. You know that you need to go through each room and get rid of things, but you want to take a trip first and enjoy the first month of your retirement. Renting a storage unit can help you get stuff out of the house, and it can also give you the opportunity to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to keep. If you’re planning to have a garage or yard sale in a few months’ time, then you can put those items in storage and keep them safe until the sale date arrives.

Selling Your Home

Besides having a yard or garage sale, you might be planning to sell your home in the near future. You’re ready to set out to see the world, and being free from owning a home can give you the flexibility you need to travel and experience other places. Even though you’re retired, you’re not planning on slowing down any time soon, and selling your house can be the first step to the next phase of your life.

If you’re retiring in the next few months and you’re planning to take a road trip soon after, then let EZ Storage® help you find the perfect affordable self-storage solution. We offer monthly leases on all of our standard and climate-controlled units, and you can designate a local emergency contact to manage your account while you’re away. Our staff and resident managers are always here to keep an eye on things, and should you have any questions or concerns, they’ll be there to help.

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