Renting Out Your Home This Summer?

Home with "for rent" sign on their lawn

The advent of Airbnb and other vacation rental sites have made it easier than ever for people to find affordable accommodations when they’re traveling. Instead of staying in a hotel where all they see is a lobby, a hallway, and maybe the pool, vacationers can meet people who actually live in the city and who are willing to open their home to others. As the homeowner, you may provide information on local cuisine, events, and other activities, and guests can stay in a rented room or perhaps reserve the entire house. If you have a property that you want to rent out this summer and you have things you need to store, EZ Storage® in Detroit can help.

Getting the Rooms Ready

dreamstime_xxl_12976716 (1)If you’re renting out a room in your house that’s been used for storage up to this point, you’ll obviously want to be sure everything is cleared out before guests arrive. Many vacation rental sites let you set the available dates for your property, so you can black out the days when you know you’ll be working on the room, relieving you from the worry of not being ready in time. Those boxes, clothes, and extra pieces of furniture that are stored in the room can be put in your self-storage unit, making space for that new bed, dresser, and other furniture you bought for the guests to use.

If you’re putting your entire house on the vacation market and it’s not quite ready for guests, there will be more work to be done than if it was just a single room. You may have personal possessions that you want to store for the summer, and since you’ll be gone for a few months, you’ll want those possessions to be secure. A storage unit can be the perfect solution and with our monthly leases, you can pick everything up when you return after tourist season has ended. Your house will still have the essential items such as furniture, linens, and dishes, but everything you want to store will be in a safe place.

Emergency Contact

dreamstime_xxl_13259341Since you’re going to be gone over the summer, you won’t be around to check on your storage unit or move things in and out of the space. If you have someone who is cleaning and taking care of your house between guests, you can designate them as the emergency contact for your storage rental. With your permission, they can take things out your unit or drop things off, and even manage your account while you’re away. Instead of worrying about your belongings, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation, wherever you happen to be!

If you’re getting your home or a room inside your home ready to rent out to guests this summer, find the storage solutions you need by visiting one of our Detroit-area locations today. Our staff will gladly help you find a standard or climate-controlled unit that meets your needs, and our monthly leases make it easy to rent a space for the time you need.

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