Rent A Storage Unit The First of the Year

Notebook opened to a page with a calendar and text "Rent a storage unit the first of the year"

The New Year is just a little over three weeks away, and you’re hopefully excited for what the turning of the calendar to another year will bring. The first of the year may be the first time you’re able to sit down and relax in some time, especially after the hubbub of the holidays. It may also be the first time that you’re able to look around the house and see how cluttered it’s become. With friends and relatives coming and going, you likely don’t take stock of what’s coming into the house, but once you have time to step back and look, you may decide that you need to store some of your excess belongings.

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find a self-storage unit that will keep all of your extra stuff safe and sound. If you have a holiday present that you don’t know what to do with, or you simply want to clean out a room, then visit one of our metro-area locations today!


You Finally Have the Time

Since December is so full of holidays, school activities, and more, you likely don’t have the time to visit a storage facility, even one that’s near your home. Once January rolls around, you’ll finally have the time to box up a few things, put them in the car, and bring them to your storage unit. One of the best things about renting from us is that once you have a space, you can visit it on any day of the week. If you’re doing some cleaning and sorting on a Saturday, you won’t have to wait until Monday to bring your boxes to your unit.

Starting With a Clean Slate

The New Year can be a clean slate for a lot of people, especially when it comes to organization and personal happiness. Perhaps the holidays aren’t your favorite time of the year, and you look forward to January 1st as a fresh start or a new beginning. If you’re thinking about arranging and organizing your home as part of that “clean slate,” then we’d love to help you find the appropriate storage solution. You can clear out a room, furniture and all, and start with new carpet, new paint, and a new purpose. This physical “cleansing” of a space can help you reset and focus on what you want do in the New Year.

Find Your Storage Unit Today

There are only a few more weeks left in December, so now is the perfect time to find a self-storage unit. If you want to be able to drop things off on January 1st, then come to one of our Pittsburgh-area locations today. We have three facilities across the metro area, making it easy to find one that’s close to home. Our staff members and resident managers are always ready to answer your questions and to help you find the right unit. Every space is available on a month-to-month basis, making it easy to rent for the time you need.

Visit us today!