Remodeling or Rearranging Your Guest Room

Remodeled guest bedroom with wooden bed frame

While you may not have as many house guests this year as you have in years past, you still want the guest room to be comfortable and inviting. This summer could provide the perfect opportunity to remodel or rearrange your guest bedroom so that it’s ready for those who come to visit this fall or winter, even if it’s just for a few days around the holidays.

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for anything you need to store while you’re working on your guest room. If you need to move a bed frame or mattress out of the way, or there are things in the closet that could be put into storage, visit one of our metro-area locations today to rent an affordable space.

Evaluate the Bed

The key piece in any bedroom is the bed, and when it comes to the guest bedroom, you want there to be a soft and comfortable place for people to sleep. If the mattress and box spring that have been in there are starting to wear out, now could be a great time to replace them. If the old mattress and box spring are still in fairly good condition, you can store them until you have somewhere else to put them.

You can also evaluate the size of the bed that you have in the guest room. Perhaps there’s been a full mattress in there now, but you want to upgrade to (and have the room for) a queen. You can order a new bed frame, mattress, and box spring now and have it all set up in time for your first guests later this year.

Clean Out the Closet

The guest room closet can often become a depository for random items that you don’t have a place for anywhere else in the house. You might store seasonal clothes and sports gear in the closet, along with board games, toys, and other items. While there might be room for some of those things, you don’t want your guests to open the closet so they can hang up their clothes or store their suitcases and find a bunch of clutter in the way.

Start by taking things out of the closet that you don’t use on a regular basis. There might be some outdoor gear that could be put into storage until you need it later this summer. If you have games that you only play a few times each year, see if you can find a spot in the living room or basement where they can be stored. Even just taking out a few things and rearranging what’s left can make a big difference!

Add More Storage

Perhaps the guest room in your house doesn’t have a closet of its own, and you want to remedy that. If you’re going to remodel the room by adding a closet, think about where you have the most space. Can you section off a corner of the room to create a small closet? Is there space in an adjoining room where you can knock out part of the wall and add a guest room closet? It’s important to be mindful about where your closet and other storage spaces will be.

You can also add storage by placing a wardrobe or chest in the guest room. You’ll want to make sure the furniture isn’t too large for the room, and that it doesn’t block the bed or the doorway. New bedside tables can also add small storage areas that guests will love to use.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Another way to liven up your guest room is to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Once you’ve moved the bed and other furniture out of the space, think about what a new color would do for the room. You can use the same color that’s already on the walls, but think about creating an accent wall with a complementary color on one wall, such as the one next to where the bed will sit. Be sure to patch any holes left by photographs and artwork before you start to paint. Once you’re done, you can hang new artwork and make the space feel completely different!

Find a Storage Unit Today

If rearranging or remodeling your guest room is on the agenda for this summer, let EZ Storage® help you by providing a convenient and affordable self-storage unit that’s close to home. With three locations in and around Pittsburgh, we can help find a space that suits your needs and isn’t too far away. Be sure to call ahead to see if our offices are open to the public, and you can always reserve your unit and confirm your lease over the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you!