Remodeling & Storage Tips for Your Winter Kitchen Remodel

Empty traditional kitchen and text "Remodeling you kitchen this winter?"

Winter can often be a time when you use your kitchen more, such as for baking cookies or making that grand holiday meal for friends and family. However, if your kitchen is starting to look a bit outdated, or you want to make it bigger, then the winter can be a great time to remodel. You might not be hosting the holidays this year, and you want to invest in a kitchen remodel before the New Year arrives.

At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for those items that you need to move out of your kitchen. You’ll likely be moving appliances, cabinets, and furniture out of the room, and putting everything in storage can make more sense than trying to fit it in the garage. Visit one of our metro area locations today to learn more!


Storing Appliances During Your Winter Kitchen Remodel

You might be planning to plug the refrigerator in elsewhere so that you can continue using it while the kitchen is being remodeled, but you’re likely removing the stove, dishwasher, and other appliances. You might be replacing everything with newer models, but in the meantime, you can put the appliances in your storage unit for safekeeping. You’ll want to be sure that everything is cleaned and drained properly, and that you prop the door open while your dishwasher or oven is in storage. Putting a cover over the appliances will protect them from dust and damage while they’re stored.

Store Your Cabinets in Clean and Safe Storage

dreamstime_xxl_10162278One of the main upgrades that most homeowners make to their kitchen is to replace outdated cabinets. New, beautifully finished cabinets can completely transform the space, but you may have plans to repurpose your old cabinets in the kitchen or the basement. However, until you have the space for them in their new home, storing them can be the best option. As with your appliances, you’ll want to clean and cover your cabinets so they stay in good condition until you’re ready to re-install them.

Spacious Storage Options for Your Kitchen Table & Chairs

If you have a breakfast nook or dining area in your kitchen, then your table and chairs will need to be moved out of the way during your remodel. You may have invested in a new dining set in order to improve the look and feel of the kitchen, and you want to protect your investment until the remodel is done.

With any dining or kitchen table, it can be a good idea to remove the legs and wrap them individually, and store the tabletop upside down on a covered pallet in the storage unit. Disassembling everything will also make it easier to carry the table, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not the table will fit out the front door.

For your chairs, make sure they’re cleaned and covered, and that nothing will fall and damage them in the storage space.

Reach Out to EZ Storage Today for Kitchen Remodel & Storage Tips

Winter can be a good time to upgrade your kitchen, since you aren’t able to do many outside projects, and most remodeling and construction companies have finished their big projects for the year. Whether you’re tackling the project yourself or hiring professionals, we can help you find the right self-storage solution for your appliances, cabinets, and table and chairs.

Contact one of our storage facilities today to find your unit. The staff members and resident managers at each location can answer any questions you may have about storage, and they can also recommend the right unit size based on your needs. Every unit is available on a month-to-month basis, so you can rent while your kitchen is being remodeled, and then pick everything up at the end of the project.

We Look Forward to Helping You This Winter!