Ready to Begin Your Fall Cleaning?

Several boxes stacked up on top of each other in the middle of a room with text "Read to begin your fall cleaning?"

We all know about spring cleaning and how great it can be to clear some things out of the house to make it more inviting once the doldrums of winter are over. However, have you ever thought about fall cleaning and how it can benefit you and your home? Now that September is here and fall isn’t too far behind, it can be a good idea to create more space in your house, especially since the next few months will consist of you spending a good deal of time indoors. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’d love to help you store those things you want to get out of the house but hold on to for the future.

Take Stock of Each Room

The arrival of fall also means that the holidays aren’t too far away, and it can be good to take stock of each room and decide what needs to be cleaned or moved out before company arrives. Your guest bedroom may have become a depository for random things over the summer, but now that grandma and grandpa are coming to visit, it needs to be cleaned out and rearranged. If you have clothes, books, or furniture that you need to store, a self-storage space can be a great option.


Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to clean and rearrange the living room for football season, and once you have the chairs and couch set where you want them, you realize that the end table or the ottoman don’t quite work in the space any more. The furniture may still be in good condition, and instead of trying to fit it in another room, you can put it in storage and keep it safe until you find a suitable spot for it in the future.

Making Room for New Things

dreamstime_xxl_2986630During the fall, you may be shopping for new decor or furniture, and that means the old stuff needs to go somewhere. Fall and winter aren’t always the best seasons for a garage or yard sale, so if you’re boxing stuff up to save it for a sale come spring, we can keep it safe until you’re ready to put a price on it.

You’re also preparing for the holidays and the gifts you and your family will receive in a few months, so why not clean out some space in the closet now rather than later? Maybe you have some gifts from last year that you used once or twice, but now they’re taking up floor space or a spot on the bookshelf. You can store these items to make room for new things, or donate them so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you should keep them.

At EZ Storage®, we love helping people find the perfect solutions for their belongings, and if you’re trying to make a little more room for fall or make your house a bit tidier, stop by one of our Pittsburgh locations today. Our friendly staff will gladly show you the units that we have available, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to store things for the time you need, so you never have to worry about being locked into a contract.

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