How to Prevent Wedding Planning From Taking Over Your House (and Your Life!)

Wedding table with flowers and pictures with EZ Storage logo and text "How to Prevent Wedding Planning from Taking Over Your House (And Your Life!)"

Planning a wedding is a big deal. Not only are you committing to spending your life with another person, you are gathering together all of your nearest and dearest family and friends to make that commitment in front of them. It’s the party to end all parties and it’s going to be the best day of your life (for now, at least). The average couple takes about a year from the engagement to their walk down the aisle, and that year is packed with planning every last detail of the big day. Over the course of that year, their homes can start to fill up with a variety of wedding paraphernalia, including invitations, RSVPs, wedding favors, dresses, tuxes, centerpieces, bridesmaids gifts, and so, so much more.

Save Your Sanity and Get a Storage Space

Wedding planning can start to feel like it’s your whole life, and if you are keeping everything at home all over your house, it can be even worse. In order to help your sanity, consider renting a self-storage space. You can do one of two things with it to help prevent wedding-induced insanity:

  • Keep your wedding stuff in the storage space. This allows you to keep everything you need for the wedding in one convenient space. You can even give trusted members of your wedding party access to the space so they can help you deliver items, pick up the stuff you need, or grab it all for you on your wedding day.
  • Empty out a room at home. If you have a guest room or home office, it might be time to designate that for the wedding. You can put all furniture and other items from that room into your storage space and create an at-home wedding work space. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed by the clutter and have an area where you can work.

Both of these options allow you to close the door (literally and figuratively) on wedding planning when you need to step away. Ignore the planning for a night and go out on a date with your fiance. Your wedding will still be amazing even though you took the night off and it will do a lot of good for your stress levels, too.


Things to Consider for Wedding Storage

  • Make sure it’s affordable. There is no point putting a strain on your wedding budget. However, there is a good chance that you’ll end up keeping the storage space even after the wedding, especially if you’ll be combining households for the first time. A self-storage space is always a handy thing to own.
  • Look for climate controlled storage. Some of your wedding stuff could be fairly delicate and you don’t want to run the risk of anything being damaged before the big day. Look for a storage space that controls the temperature and is protected from the elements.
  • It has to be convenient. Convenience is what this is all about! Look for a storage space that’s easy to get to from your house; that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s close by, but easy to access from major roads. That way if you or a member of your wedding party need to stop by, it’s not a huge hassle. Remember you’ll be picking it all up on the big day, too, so access to the storage space from the event location should be a consideration, too.

Our St. Louis Self Storage is Here to Help

We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to planning a wedding. Worrying about your self-storage unit shouldn’t be one of them. You can trust EZ Storage in St. Louis to provide you with safe, clean, and climate controlled storage spaces that will keep everything you need for your big day ready. When your wedding day arrives, you can load everything up and be on your way. It’s a stress-free way to plan your wedding, keep everything organized, and prevent all that wedding goodness from overtaking your house (and your life!).

If you are planning a wedding, talk to our team about self-storage options. We have a variety of storage spaces available in sizes that meet your needs. Choose from a small, closet-sizes storage space to a garage-sized space that gives you room to work, too. Give us a call or stop by our St. Louis facility today to get started!