Planning for Fall Storage

Colorful, leafy trees during fall

The end of July is almost here, which means the end of summer is just around the corner. With August on the horizon, that means the school year will be starting soon and vacation days will be coming to an end. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we’re here to help you find the ideal self-storage unit for those things you need to store as summer gives way to fall. Whether you’re packing up your camping gear and other outdoor items for the year, or you have patio furniture you need to put away for the season, we can provide you with the perfect space.

Summer and Outdoor Gear

This summer has likely looked a bit different than other years, but hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy some time in the sun. Perhaps you went camping or you went to the oceanfront a few times. Whatever the case may be, if you have outdoor gear that you need to store, and you don’t have room in your garage or basement, a storage unit can be a viable alternative.

Putting summer and outdoor gear into storage can keep it protected for the fall and winter months, and you won’t have to worry about moving other things around in order to make room for it on your property. You can also take the opportunity to inventory your outdoor gear before putting it into storage, deciding what needs to be replaced or repaired (like an old tent or sleeping bag).

Patio Furniture

Summer is a time for sitting outside on the back deck, enjoying a cold drink and food from the grill. If you invested in some new patio furniture this year, since you knew you were going to be spending more time at home, you definitely want to make sure it’s protected from the cold and snow this fall and winter.

You might have room for your patio table and chairs in a backyard shed, but you may also need to store the lawn mower and other landscaping supplies in there as well. Trying to fit everything into a small shed can be challenging, and you don’t want to worry about your new furniture getting damaged. Investing in a small storage unit can give you the space you need and the peace of mind you want. As for transporting a large patio table and set of chairs, be sure to ask about our free* local move-in truck!

Gardening Supplies

You may have spent the summer months tending to the yard and growing things in your garden. You made sure everything had plenty of water during the hottest days of the season, and you paid close attention to when things need to be planted, pruned, and picked. Now that the gardening season is winding down, you might have hoses, shovels, and other supplies that need to be stored for the rest of the year.

Gardening supplies don’t tend to take up too much space, but if you don’t have extra room in your shed or garage, we can help. You can store your gardening tools next to your outdoor gear, keeping everything safe until next spring. Be sure to clean your shovels and spades thoroughly, and check to make sure your hoses are completely drained!

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The end of summer will soon be here, and if you have items that you need to store before fall arrives, EZ Storage® can help you find the ideal space. We have five state-of-the-art facilities across the greater Philadelphia area, making it easy to find a unit that’s close to home.

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