Perfect for First-Time Renters

Furniture inside moving truck with text "perfect for first time renters"

Renting your first apartment can be very exciting, especially if it’s the first time living on your own. You may have just finished high school or college, and you’re ready to set out on your own and make your way in the world. However, one of the drawbacks of renting an apartment is that storage space in your new residence can be limited. You may have an extra closet where you can store clothes and small items, but if you have larger items such as furniture, you’ll need a dedicated space in which to store those things. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the perfect self-storage solution for your extra belongings.

Maximizing Your Space

dreamstime_xxl_3333565One of the first things you should do when you move into your apartment is figure out how to maximize your space. You may only have a few hundred square feet to work with, but by arranging your furniture, shelving, and other large items in a certain way, you can optimize each room and get the most out of each area. You’ll also want to decide what you absolutely must have in the apartment, and what you can do without for a few months. You can go room by room, deciding what is essential and what is not, and those non-essential items can be packed up and put into storage.

Another thing to consider is what large items will fit in your apartment. If you had plenty of space in your parent’s house or previous dwelling, you may not have thought about how your queen bed would fit in a small bedroom. There are some things that may not even fit through the door of your apartment (without taking them apart), so it could be better to store them until you can sell them or decide what their fate will be. Buying new furniture for a new apartment can be a great way to settle in, and it can also give you the opportunity to buy pieces that fit and function within the residence.

A Small Storage Unit Can Suffice

dreamstime_xxl_31546085Once you’ve figured out what you want to keep and what you want to store, it’s time to find a storage unit. While it may seem like you have a lot of stuff, a small storage unit can suffice, and you’ll obviously want to find something that fits your budget. After you’ve moved into your apartment and settled in a bit, you can visit the closest EZ Storage® location and we’ll help you find the space that fits your needs.

If you’ve just rented your first apartment and you need storage for some of those extra things, call or stop by today. We’ve helped many first-time renters find the solutions they need to keep their belongings safe, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to store items for the time you need. Our facilities are clean and well lit, and our staff is always happy to help however they can.

We look forward to helping you!