Packing Safely for Storage

Male and female packing several boxes

You’ve made the decision to rent a self-storage unit, and now you’re faced with the task of packing your belongings. Some things might already be in boxes, and while it may be easiest to leave them where they are, they might not be packed safely enough for storage. Opening each one and taking inventory of everything can seem like a waste of time, but with the right approach, you can group similar items together and pack those things you know you’ll be retrieving from your storage unit in the near future. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we want to make your storage experience as stress free as possible, and in this blog, we’ll cover some helpful packing tips to prepare you for moving your belongings.

dreamstime_xxl_6434478The Right Boxes

While you may have an assortment of boxes, it’s important not just to pick one and start filling it. Items such as books need to be packed in sturdy boxes, as you don’t want the bottom falling out when you pick up the box. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for clothes, as you can leave them on a hanger rod and not worry about them getting wrinkled. It’s also important to distribute the weight in each box so one corner isn’t heavier than the other.

Label, Label, Label

If you have boxes that are the same size and shape, you’ll want to be sure each one is properly labeled. It’s important to know what’s in each box so when you come to retrieve it from your storage unit, you can find it easily. A permanent marker can make for quick labeling, and if you’re going to stack boxes, be sure to write the label on both the top and side of each box. This will save you from having to move each box to find the one you want.

Filling the Storage Unit

Once you have everything packed and you’ve transported it to your storage unit, it’s time to fill the space. You don’t want to haphazardly place boxes, as that will create problems for the future. Put the boxes you know you won’t be retrieving soon at the back of the unit, and make sure heavier boxes are placed on the bottom of any stacks. You don’t want that box of books to crush the box with grandma’s fine china in it. If you need shelving, talk to one of our staff members or managers to find the perfect equipment.

EZ Storage® in PittsburghYour belongings may be valuable in price, but they are definitely valuable to you. Packing and storing your items properly will keep them secure until you take them home, and our secure storage units will keep them safe until you pick them up. Many of our Pittsburgh-area storage facilities offer climate-controlled spaces as well, so be sure to speak with a staff member about your options.

When you need affordable storage, you can trust EZ Storage® to provide the ideal choice. Visit one of our Pittsburgh locations today to learn more!