Packing for a Move: Where Do You Start

Young woman smiling at camera holding a moving box in a room

Moving can be stressful, especially when you realize that you need to pack up all of your belongings and get them ready to bring to your new home. With multiple rooms in a home, the clutter that builds up over the years, and the various items that need to be packed up, it can be difficult to know where to start. In today’s blog post, the team at EZ Storage® in Detroit is going to go over a few guidelines that can help you get started with your move. Let’s dive in.


One of the first things that you need to do when you’re getting ready to move is declutter your home. We all have those spaces within our homes that seem to build up clutter, and while you surely could move these items from your current house to your next home, there are likely a few items in these piles you could do without. To avoid bringing a bunch of junk that you don’t genuinely need into your new home, spend some time decluttering these spaces and figuring out what you can do without.

Aside from the spaces in your home that are notorious for the amount of clutter that builds up, you should go through some of your additional items and narrow down what it is you want to move to your new house. Some of the most common areas with built-up items are the kitchen and the closets. Going through these two specific parts of your home can help ensure you’re not packing up items that are going to go unused in your new house.

Organize Your Items

Once you’ve decluttered your space, you want to spend some time organizing your items. There are a few ways that you can do this, so it’s really up to your personal preference on how you decide to proceed. For some, storing items that are all in the same room is the ideal way to organize while packing. For others, packing like items in the same container is the method of organization to ensure they’re all properly stored. Whether you choose to do one over the other or you do a combination of the two, make sure you’ve organized your belongings in a way that will keep them secure during the move.

Invest in Packing Materials

Once you’ve narrowed down the items that are going to be moved to your new house, it’s time to invest in your packing materials. Materials will vary based on the items that you’re looking to pack up and move. If, for example, you’re going to be moving kitchen items directly into your new house, the standard cardboard box with bubble wrap will be more than suitable for getting these items from one place to the next. If, on the other hand, you’re going to be storing fragile items like photos or family heirlooms in a self-storage unit, investing in plastic tubs that provide additional protection is a fantastic idea.

Figure Out a Labeling System

As you go through packing your items into your storage supplies, you want to make sure that you’re labeling them. Many think that labeling is primarily beneficial because it makes it easier to unpack. The reality, however, is that there are so many other benefits to using a labeling system. For starters, if you have labels on your boxes, you can unpack them from the truck and bring them directly to the room that they need to be in. Labels can also help ensure the boxes are being handled correctly. With that in mind, you absolutely want to invest in a labeling system that works.

Trust EZ Storage® With Your Belongings

Moving can be stressful, but the team at EZ Storage® in Detroit wants to take a bit of the pressure off of you by providing you with a self-storage unit that you know your belongings are secure in. The variety of unit sizes that we offer makes it easy to find a unit that accommodates your belongings. Whether you’re wanting some additional information on the units that we offer, have some questions that need answering, or you’d like to set your storage unit up, our team is happy to help. Give us a call today and the team at EZ Storage® in Detroit will get you taken care of.