Opening Up Space in Your Home Without Getting Rid of Items

Interior shelves of a closet organizer with pillows and personal items in shelves.

Every home is limited by square footage. At least, that’s how it always feels. When you first purchase a new home, the space feels as though there is endless space and so much room to grow into over the years. Over time, however, junk starts to accumulate, clutter starts to form, and space is slowly eaten up by everyday life. For some, the answer to this problem is finding a bigger house with more space. For others, going through and purging items that are no longer used or needed is the method to creating more space within a home. While these are the two most frequently used options, they’re not the only ones that you have.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy more space within your home without having to get rid of anything, keep reading, because today’s blog is for you. The team at EZ Storage® in Philadelphia is going to spend today’s blog post and cover a few of the ways that you can open up space within your home without having to get rid of items. Let’s jump in!

Go Through Your Current Storage

The storage solutions strewn throughout our home are always a great place to start when looking for some additional space within your home. While these spaces are usually filled to the brim, they’re not always organized to make the most of the available space. What that means is that with a little bit of time spent organizing these areas, you could find yourself with some open storage space to help minimize clutter within your home.

Upgrade Your Storage Spaces

Another fantastic way to make the most of the storage solutions that are currently available in your home is to take them to the next level. With storage limitation being a pretty common problem, there are various ways that you can enhance the storage within your home. Take a closet, for example. Your closet is often the primary storage solution within your bedroom, but it doesn’t always provide a ton of storage. If you are looking for additional storage in this space, consider adding built in shelves to accommodate pants, shoes, accessories and more.

With the help of built-ins in your closet, you can fit so much more in a space that was once very limited in regards to storage. The same thing can be done with kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets, and the like. Choosing to invest in the storage solutions within your home can help make it so that you’re able to find the storage you need right in the comfort of your home.

Furniture With Storage Space

If you’re not finding very much additional space within your current storage solutions, and there’s not much room to take these storage solutions to the next level, investing in some new furniture that doubles as an additional storage solution is a fantastic option.

There are so many new designs that provide some new places for you to store items while adding an extra flair to the room. One of the most popular furniture options that also offers some additional storage is a padded ottoman.

This storage solution is perfect for adding into your living room, bedroom, study, or guest room without anyone even thinking that this piece of furniture is providing additional storage. You’d be surprised just how much you can store in the standard sized ottoman.

Rent a Unit EZ Storage® in Philadelphia

Something that many people don’t consider is renting a self-storage unit at a local storage facility, but it’s truly one of the best options that homeowners can take advantage of. A self-storage unit allows you to hang onto all of your items, even when they’re not being used regularly. The best part? They’re stored outside of the house, allowing you to make the most of the square footage that you do have.

EZ Storage® in Philadelphia offers a secure storage solution to individuals in the Philadelphia area. With a variety of storage units, we are able to find the right size unit for all our customer’s needs. Whether you would like to inquire about a specific unit size, have some questions that need answering, or you’d like for our team to set up your storage unit and get it ready for you, we are happy to help. Contact our office today and the team at EZ Storage® will get you taken care of.