Opening a New Restaurant?

The inside of an empty restaurant with tables set up for customers

If you love to cook and you want to share delicious recipes with others, you may be thinking about opening a restaurant. While the logistics and planning of starting a new dining business can take years, it doesn’t mean it’s too early to prepare. You might be opening a local cafe, or you may be attempting to launch a new upscale eatery in a large space, but whatever the case may be, there are things you’re going to need. If you need to store some of your equipment and materials in the interim, EZ Storage® in St. Louis is here to help.

Tables and Chairs

dreamstime_xxl_29521468The two things that no restaurant can do without (unless you’re trying to be exceptionally unique) are tables and chairs. Patrons need a place to sit, and you may already know what type and style of tables and chairs you want in your establishment. A local artisan or craftsperson may be creating your tables and chairs one by one, and while you’re waiting for your licenses and permits to come through, you need a place to store this furniture. One solution can be a self-storage unit that’s near the area where your restaurant will be located. Your tables and chairs will be safe and sound, and it will be easy to transport them to your new location once everything is ready. If you’re going to have an outdoor patio, you’ll need somewhere to store your patio tables and chairs when the weather in St. Louis isn’t the best.

Kitchen Equipment

Any commercial restaurant needs top-of-the-line kitchen equipment, and whether you have ovens, ranges, or fryers, you want to know they’re in a secure location until you can install them. These large appliances can be difficult to store in your garage or basement, and if you can find a unit close to your new restaurant’s location, it will be that much easier to move everything once your grand opening is approaching.

Other Odds and Ends

dreamstime_xxl_39067420There are many other odds and ends that a successful restaurant needs to have in stock, and while your location will most likely have a storeroom, you may need overflow storage for things like plates, silverware, aprons, and more. Your restaurant may be seasonal, or you may be open year round, but whatever the case may be, our monthly storage options make it easy to stockpile those items you need for as long as you need.

If you’re opening a new restaurant in St. Louis, and you have equipment or materials that you need to store while you work on finding or renovating a space, contact EZ Storage® today. We have four locations across the metro area, and each one will be able to help you find the business storage that fits your needs. You can focus on getting everything finished, whether it’s remodeling an old downtown building or constructing a new neighborhood eatery, and we’ll focus on keeping your things safe and sound. We want you to be successful!

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