Opening a New Gym?

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Countless people around the country are crazy about fitness, and there are thousands in the Philadelphia area who undertake some type of exercise routine every day. Some go for a run outside or walk on the treadmill at home, while others lift weights in their company’s fitness center. Others are looking for that perfect gym where they can find personal training, a sauna, and more. If you’re thinking about opening a gym or fitness center in your neighborhood, one thing you may not be thinking about is self-storage. However, if you already have equipment or you’ve ordered boxes and boxes of member t-shirts, you may need somewhere to store them. At EZ Storage®, we’re here to help!

Store Your Heavy Equipment

dreamstime_xxl_6696111Your new location might not be open yet, but you may have already ordered your heavy equipment, such as treadmills, weight racks, and resistance machines. This equipment often comes in pieces packed into several boxes, and you might not have room in your garage to store everything. That’s where a storage unit comes in handy. You can move everything in for a month or two while you finalize your gym’s location, and then you can transport each box to the gym and put everything together. If you don’t have secure location at your house or at your new business spot, renting a storage space can make the most sense.

Keep Your Promotional Materials Safe

You want the members of your new gym to feel like they truly belong, and nothing shows your commitment to them more than promotional gear, or “swag.” Items such as t-shirts, water bottles, and duffel bags can make great introductory gifts for those who sign up for memberships, and you can keep the extra boxes of these items in a storage unit so they don’t take up space in the gym. You may want to order a healthy inventory of promotional items so you never run out, and you can keep everything safe and secure in your rented unit.

Expanding Your Gym

Perhaps you’ve owned and operated a local gym for a few years now, and membership has been so good that you need to expand your location. You might be able to build on or expand into the building next to you, but that can be difficult in such a densely populated area like Philadelphia. Whether you’re adding on or looking for a new location, you may need to move some equipment out and store it while you’re making renovations or improving your new space. We can keep your equipment safe until you’re ready to move it back in, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to store things for the time you need.

If you’re opening a gym, or you’re expanding your current location, visit one of our facilities today to find the perfect self-storage solutions. You don’t have to worry about getting locked into a contract, and with our size options, you can find the unit that’s right for your business.

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