On the Road for Business This Summer

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Once spring rolls around, you look forward to the nicer weather, but you also know that summer isn’t far behind. If summer is a busy time for your company, then you might be spending weeks or even months on the road. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find a self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe while you’re gone.

Taking a Company Car

If your company sends you out on sales calls during the summer, then you might opt to take a car and drive to your destinations. Your territory may cover several states, and you could be driving from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Baltimore and back again.

If you have a company car, then storing your personal vehicle could be the best option. Weeks on the road can mean weeks that your personal car or truck is sitting in the driveway or garage, and putting it into a storage unit can protect it from damage and the elements. You can store your vehicle for as long as you need and pick it up when you return.

Traveling by Air

For anyone who travels across the country or internationally for work, summer can be the best time to visit clients and investors. There’s less of a chance of flights getting cancelled, and you can often find decent fares since some airlines offer more flights during the summer.

However, traveling by air means that you’ll have to pack light, even if you’re going to be gone for a few weeks. For those who live out of a suitcase during the summer, it can be a good idea to put some personal items that they want to put into storage. If you’ve been keeping some items in storage at a friend’s house while you fly around the world, you can take the burden of storing your belongings off of them.

Store Outdoor Items While You’re Gone

The weather is usually nicer in the US during the summer, and if you’re visiting international customers in the Northern Hemisphere, you should have fairly decent weather as well. It is important, however, to remember that summer can also mean storms. If you have outdoor furniture and other items that you want to protect, then it can be smart to put them into storage.

With our month-to-month leases, you can rent a unit for as long as you need. If you’re going to be gone for a month, then bring your outdoor items in before you leave and then pick everything up once you’re back. You only pay for the time you need and your belongings are safe and secure!

Visit Us Today

Summer will be here before you know it, and as you’re enjoying the spring, you’ll likely be thinking about how busy you’ll be during the summer. If you need a self-storage unit for a month or two, then visit one of our metro-area locations today. We can help you choose the right unit size, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about our storage solutions.

We look forward to meeting you!