Need to Move at a Moment’s Notice?

Two young men holding boxes and walking down a staircase

Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or a house, having to move at a moment’s notice can heap quite a bit of stress on your shoulders. There may be one big reason you have to move right away, or there might be several reasons, but whatever the case may be, it can be challenging to have to relocate quickly. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help make the transition a bit easier by providing you with an affordable self-storage unit for as long as you need.

We have three locations across the greater metro area, and each one can offer the storage space you need while you move to your new place. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out right away!

Get Creative With Packing Supplies

When you have to move in a short period of time, you usually don’t have the time to gather lots of boxes, tubs, and other packing options. You might have some empty cardboard boxes or plastic tubs in the garage or the attic, but there may not be enough to hold all of your belongings. In instances like these, it can be beneficial to get creative with your packing supplies. If you have a box of large trash bags, you can put your towels, sheets, blankets, and other linens in these bags for easy transport.

If you have lots of suitcases, utilize these to pack your clothes, toiletries, and other essential items. Any clothes that don’t fit in the suitcases can also be put into trash bags, and you can designate one or two suitcases as your overnight bags while you settle into your new place.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Moving with only a few days’ notice can be stressful, and it can become even more stressful when you try to do everything yourself. It’s easier if you’re the only one moving, but if you have a spouse or partner, as well as any kids, who are moving with you, it can seem impossible to get everything packed and moved in time.

This is where you can’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist the assistance of friends, family, and anyone else who will help you pack and transport your stuff. You might be able to find a last-minute moving company who will give you a fair rate on your relocation, but if you don’t have the time or energy for that, don’t hesitate to ask a friend with a truck or pickup if they’ll help you move at least your furniture and appliances.

Rent a Storage Space

If you have to be out of your current residence within a week, and you can’t move into your new place right away, then you’ll likely need somewhere to store some things. We can provide you with a convenient self-storage space that will keep your belongings safe and sound until you can move them into your new residence. You might only need storage for some of your larger belongings, such as your mattress or your couch, and we can show you which units are available.

We offer monthly leases on every storage space, so you can rent for the time you need and then take everything to your new house or apartment. This can be much less stressful than trying to move things into a friend’s basement or garage for a few weeks, then having to load it all back up and take it to your new home. Our drive-up access makes it easy to load and unload your belongings, saving you valuable time when you’re trying to move your things as quickly as possible.

Visit Us Today

When you have to move at a moment’s notice, everything can seem to happen all at once. You have to find a new place to live and figure out how you’re going to move everything, and you’re not sure you can handle it. If you need a self-storage unit before, during, or after your move, visit EZ Storage® today. We’re proud to serve Pittsburgh, and we’d love nothing more than to help you find the right storage space that will keep your things safe for as long as you need.

We look forward to seeing you soon!