Moving Your Business This Fall

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Fall often brings about a lot of change, from kids going back to school to people starting on projects around the house. For many business owners, fall can be a good time to move their office to a new location, since employees aren’t gone on vacation. At EZ Storage® in St. Louis, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for anything that your company needs to store during its relocation. We have a variety of unit sizes available, and with multiple locations across the greater metro area, you can find a space that’s close to either your old location or your new one.

Protect Your Tech

One of the most important aspects of any modern business is its technology. Every office uses computers and integrated phone systems, and many use teleconferencing software and other tech every single day. These systems require monitors and other sensitive equipment, and moving those things to another building requires precise planning and execution. If you need to store any of your tech while you set up your new location, then our team is here to help.

We offer climate-controlled storage options that are ideal for electronics such as desktop computers, monitors, and teleconferencing equipment. These things should never be exposed to extreme heat or cold, which is why putting them in a controlled self-storage space can be the best option. This is especially true with the colder temperatures of fall that are soon to arrive!

New Office Furniture and Supplies

Another perk of moving to a new business location is the opportunity to upgrade your office furniture. Those old desks and chairs can be left behind, or you can store them until you’re able to sell them to another business, such as a start-up that’s looking for affordable options as they establish their first location. You may also have ordered brand new desks and chairs, but you can’t move them into your new office until all of the upgrades and renovations have been made. If that’s the case, then we can keep everything safe until you’re ready.

You may also be purchasing new office supplies for your business. Pens, notepads, and other supplies don’t take up a lot of space on their own, but when you buy in bulk, you’ll need somewhere to store everything. If you’re trying to be proactive and have everything your office needs before your employees move, then you can store those boxes of pens and paper in your storage unit next to your new office furniture.

Updating Your Culture

If you’ve been in business for several years, then your company likely has an established culture that everyone who works there understands. However, with this relocation, you may have the chance to update that culture to reflect a more modern work environment. Perhaps your new building has more of an open floor plan, and you’re leaving the world of cubicles and half-walls behind you. This can give you the opportunity to create “breakout” areas where people can hold meetings or just sit and chat with their coworkers for a few minutes. You can add ping-pong or air hockey tables where your employees can unwind during their breaks.

With these new ideas for your culture will come new things that you’ll need to add, such as the chairs and couches for breakout areas, or the aforementioned ping-pong and air hockey tables. If you’ve already ordered these things and you need somewhere to store them for a month or two, then we’re here to help. With month-to-month leases on every space, you can rent for the time you need and then move everything out when the time comes.

Visit Us Today

If you’re planning to move your business this fall, then visit us today to see what units we have available. We love helping local companies succeed, and if you’re relocating to be closer to your client base, or you’re expanding and you need a bigger building, then we can provide you with the ideal self-storage space.

Once you rent a space, you can access it on any day of the year. Our staff members and resident managers are always happen to answer questions and provide assistance.

We look forward to meeting you!