Organizing Your Home After The Holidays

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With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably spending most of your time looking for those last-minute gifts and preparing for friends and family to arrive. You’re also trying to make room for everyone and finding space where you can store all those new things that you and your family will receive this year. At EZ Storage®, we can help you find the best self-storage solutions after the holidays, so if you’re rearranging to make room for a specific gift, or you simply want to clear out the old to make way for the new, contact your local EZ Storage facility today!

Organizing Your Home After The Holidays

At this time of year, many families have to rearrange the house to make room for guests. Couches and chairs get moved so that there’s enough space for lots of people, and bedrooms get rearranged so that more people can stay over. If, when you’re moving furniture, you realize that there’s an end table or chair that really doesn’t fit in the house any more, your first instinct is to store it away in the attic, basement, or garage. While it’s mostly out of the way, it’s not entirely out of mind, and you may keep thinking about it, especially once you put things back in place in January. If you have several pieces of furniture that you want to keep but don’t need in the house, a storage unit can be the best option. We have a number of unit sizes to choose from, and we’ll gladly help you find the right one.

Making Room for Those Big Gifts

Presents with gold and red wrappingIt is always better to give than to receive, but there’s still the issue of making room for those gifts that you get each year. If you get some big gifts, such as outdoor gear or new furniture, you have to rearrange some things to make space for them. You may have to move some things out of the house or the garage so that you can store your new items on the property, but where do you take that old stuff? It may still be in good shape and you don’t have any intention of selling it or throwing it away, but keeping it in the garage or house simply doesn’t make sense, at least not right now. With a rented storage unit, you can keep everything safe and sound for as long as you need!

Getting Ready for the New Year

Once the holidays are over and the New Year is approaching, you may feel like moving things out of the house and making more living space. You may not have gotten any big gifts or have any furniture you necessarily want to get rid of, but after a week of having several people in your house, you may simply want more space. Once the house is quiet again and you have a moment to yourself, you can take stock of what’s in each room and what you truly need to keep in the house. A weekend of cleaning and purging can be very beneficial, and you can feel much more at ease when you’re finished.

Find Your Ideal Storage Unit Today

At EZ Storage, you can find a space that fits your budget and then begin thinking about what you would like to store. If you need to move things out before house guests arrive, be sure to ask about our free* local move-in truck and a free** month of storage.

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