Moving Out for the First Time

Female young adult putting books into a box and text "Moving out for the first time"

When you were a teenager, you probably couldn’t wait to move out of your parents’ house and start your own life. You may have enjoyed living at home, but the freedom of living on your own was just too appealing. However, when the time came to move out, you realized how much stuff you had and how long it was going to take to transport everything. In instances like these, EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh can help you find the perfect self-storage unit.

Striking Out on Your Own

Whether you’ve graduated from high school or college, or you’re starting a new job, it’s common to be excited about striking out on your own. Your parents raised you and supported you for 18-plus years, and now you want to show them that you have what it takes to live on your own and support yourself. You’re ready to rent a new place, pay your own bills, and be responsible for your own health. Part of that comes with being responsible with your finances and your belongings, and if renting a storage unit helps you in your pursuit of both goals, then we can provide you with the ideal space.


No More Roommates

If you went from your parents’ house to a college dorm room to a shared apartment, then you’ve never actually lived on your own. You’ve always had relatives or roommates under the same roof, and while this can be enjoyable when it comes to quality time with others, there might be a part of you that’s ready to have your own place. If you’re looking at affordable houses or apartments in your neighborhood, but they’re considerably smaller than where you’re currently living, then you might need a small storage unit for those excess belongings. You can find a space at one of our three locations in the greater Pittsburgh area, and our staff members and resident managers will gladly help you however they can.

Taking Stock of What You Own

When you move out for the first time, whether that’s from home or a shared apartment, it’s a good idea to take stock of what you own. There may be some things that you’re okay with selling or donating, while there will be others that you’ll never get rid of, no matter your living situation. People keep belongings for all types of reasons, and no matter what yours are, we’ll keep everything safe and sound for as long as you need.

Find a Storage Unit Today

As you get ready to move out on your own, don’t forget that there’s a friendly and knowledgeable team at EZ Storage® that is here to help you find the right self-storage unit. We offer monthly leases on every unit, so you can rent for the time you need, instead of being locked into a long-term contract. Our 24/7 surveillance and state-of-the-art security keep our facilities safe, and you can access your unit on any day of the year.

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