Tiny House Storage Ideas: Keeping it Simple

Blue portable house on wheels

Looking to move into a tiny house? They’re quite charming and can help you live a more minimalist lifestyle, but can be challenging to function in if you aren’t prepared to get creative with your storage ideas. To make sure that your tiny house storage ideas have room to work, it’s a good idea to carefully review what items you really need. Relocating seasonal clothing or items, home goods and tools, or larger items with sentimental value to a storage unit of the appropriate size may help make the transition easier.

Keeping Clothing in Order

Invest in some heavy-duty hangers and an extender bar so you can stack one row of shirts above another. If you generally wear jeans or leggings, consider rolling them up tight into a bin with wheels so you can store them under a bed or a sofa. Because your clothing storage space will be tight, do your best to set out your clothes the night before to avoid any frustration.

Try and compress what you can. You want your shirts to be hung up and wrinkle-free, but socks and underwear can be compressed into small containers. Hang your shoes in an over the door rack, or simply create a spot by the door for shoes and only wear slippers in your home.

To make your run to your storage unit simpler, store summer clothing items like capris, shorts, bathing suits, flip flops in one tub. Keep winter clothing, such as snowpants, heavy jackets, sweatpants, thick wool socks, heavy slippers in another tub. You can also reduce decisions by storing shirts by sleeve length from left to right on your closet bar, or by putting long-sleeved shirts on the bottom rack.

Organize Your Accessories

If you need access to a variety of jewelry pieces, create a simple hanger with a piece of pegboard or metal mesh and simple hooks. A corkboard can also function as a jewelry hanger with simple pin-hooks to keep your necklaces in line. If you like to warm up a simple tee with a scarf until the day brightens a bit, loop them over hooks just inside your closet door.

You can also simplify your day by creating a “next day” hanger. This is a simple suit hanger with hooks for pants. Hang up the outfit you’re going to put on after your bath, including underwear, and loop a small nylon bag containing your chosen jewelry over the hook.

Reduce The Amount of Bulk

A simple way to increase tiny house storage options is to embrace leaving empty tubs in your storage unit during the winter months. Winter clothes are more bulky. When you move your heavy winter coat to your closet, you may have to leave an empty tub in the storage unit. This will be simpler than trying to find a spot for it in your home.

You can make a tiny house closet work and still have plenty of variety in your wardrobe. It is critical that you get in a rhythm of swapping out your garments to avoid having to work around your winter coat in the middle of July. If possible, make it part of your fall and spring cleaning to address these needs.

Let Us Help You

At EZ Storage®, we’re dedicated to helping every customer find the perfect self-storage space. As you’re finishing and organizing your new tiny house, you might have some items that you need to store for a few weeks, especially if you’ve already had to move out of your previous residence. With our monthly lease options, you can rent a storage unit for the time you need, store some of your belongings, and then pick everything up once you have the room for it.

If you’re going to be taking your tiny house on the road, you can rent a small storage space for your extra boxes and tubs, and pay your rent from anywhere in the country. We make it easy to manage your account from wherever you are, and you can designate a local emergency contact in case you need someone to access your storage unit while you’re away. Visit us today!