Moving Your Company’s Office

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As a business owner, you always want to see your company do well. You may have started out as a solo operation, but over the years, you’ve been able to hire more people and expand into a larger office space. If you’ve seen drastic growth, both in terms of profit and personnel, you might be looking for a new office location that can accommodate you, your employees, and any products you sell or manufacture. You may have decided to build a new office campus, and if that’s the case, you may be looking for an affordable short-term storage solution. If you want to buy the desks, chairs, and other items you need for your new office before construction is complete, you can store them safely with EZ Storage® in Detroit.

Make Moving Day Easier

dreamstime_8626156Depending on where you’re building your new office, you may want a storage unit that’s near to the construction site. EZ Storage® has locations all across the metro area, and chances are we have a unit that meets your needs and is close to your new campus. If you need to store new desks, chairs, computers, and other essential office equipment while your building is being completed, you can make move-in day much easier by having everything close by. Instead of making multiple trips from a storage unit that’s miles away, you can load up your moving truck and have everything ready to go on the first day of business in the new building. This can cut down on your moving costs and help you get up and running sooner rather than later.

Ideal for Any Business

EZ Storage® can help any business find the ideal storage solutions, and over the years, we’ve worked with industries of all kinds. If you own a retail establishment that requires shelving and product stands, you can keep that equipment safe in a storage unit until you’re ready to organize your new store. If your office will hold hundreds of employees and you need to store your new cubicle walls until construction is complete, we can help you find the best storage space. We know that your company is your first priority, and we offer convenient access to your storage unit on any day of the year.

dreamstime_xxl_24559487We also have state-of-the-art surveillance at all of our storage locations, and your business unit will be alarmed and equipped with a private code. If you need to have deliveries made to your storage space, one of our staff members or resident managers can ensure that everything is deposited appropriately. Our grounds are well lit and monitored by closed circuit cameras, so you can feel safe every time you visit your self-storage unit.

If you’re planning to move your company to a newer and bigger building, and you need storage for a few months, give us call or stop by today. We can keep things safe and sound until you’re ready to move into your new office, and our month-to-month leases make it easy to pay for the time you need.

Let EZ Storage® in Detroit help you!