Moving Around the Holidays?

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Thanksgiving is only a couple of months away, and you may have already started making holiday plans. However, if your holidays plans also involve moving to a new house, you most likely have quite a bit more on your plate than you usually do at this time of year. Relocating around the holidays isn’t uncommon, but it can put extra stress on a family that’s trying to pack, move, and still enjoy time with relatives and friends. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can keep your things safe, should you need to store some items during your move.

Moving Far Away

dreamstime_xxl_44852632Perhaps you or your spouse got a new job in a new city, and it’s going to require you to move far away from the Detroit area. This situation can be both exciting and stressful, especially if you need to sell your home before you can completely relocate to your new city. Add holiday plans on top of that and it can be difficult to get everything done in time. You might fly to your new city to look for a place, but your plan is to come back and celebrate the fall and winter holidays with friends and family. Since it won’t be as easy to do so in years to come, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity while you have it!

Moving Across Town

You might only be moving a few miles across town, but the stress of moving around the holidays can still be present during this local relocation. This time of year can be busy for many people, and it might be hard to schedule a closing date on the house you’re buying, or for the house that you’re selling. You may also be planning to move into an apartment while your new house is renovated or finished, and that can mean you don’t have room for all of your stuff. This is where self-storage can come in handy, even if you only need it for a few months.

A Secure Option

No matter if you’re moving to a new city or simply relocating across town, it’s important to find a secure option for your things, should you need short-term storage. You might pack a few suitcases and boxes of essentials and take them with you as you drive or fly to your new city, while the rest of your belongings stay behind. Your plan may be to hire a moving truck in the near future, and we can keep everything safe until that day arrives.

If you’re getting ready for the holiday season while also getting ready to move, let EZ Storage® provide you with peace of mind by helping you find the ideal storage solutions. You can rent a unit for a couple of months, or you can leave items in there for the long-term until you’re settled and ready to move everything out.


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