Making Your Holiday Plans This Year

Family and friends gathering for holiday dinner

With October almost over, you might be thinking about the upcoming holidays and what your plans are for traveling or for having friends and family come to your house during the season. While this year may be a little different in terms of traveling or which house guests you have, you’re still planning on seeing friends and relatives at some point before the end of the year. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find the right self-storage unit for anything you need to store while you’re gone for the holidays or before guests arrive at your front door.

Travel Plans

If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, you might be anticipating only being gone for a few days as you visit friends and family who live nearby. For these trips, it’s good to make sure the vehicle you’re taking is in good working condition, with recent maintenance having been done on it. You’ll also want to prepare for cold and snowy weather by making a roadside emergency kit that includes a heat source, extra batteries, and sand or kitty litter that you can use for traction, should your car slide off the road.

If you’ll be traveling by plane or train this year for the holidays, it can be a good idea to find a secure spot to park your car while you’re gone. If you don’t have a garage or there’s no room in your garage for another vehicle, you can put your car or truck into storage for the duration of your trip. You might be gone for a few weeks, and you don’t want to worry about the safety of your vehicle while you’re traveling.

Our staff can help you find the perfect spot for any vehicle you want to store, even if it’s only for a month. You can also keep your car stored for the entire season, should you be planning multiple trips this year!

Staying at Home

For many families, this year’s holiday season will consist of staying at home and enjoying each other’s company. You might not be able to travel because of work obligations, or you might want to stay home so that you can enjoy some downtime during the holiday break. Whatever the reason, spending time at home during the holidays can be the perfect way to make lasting memories.

If you have friends or relatives who are coming to stay with you for a few days or a few weeks, you might have to get creative with the sleeping arrangements. If you want to keep everyone spread out across the house, you might need to turn the family room into a guest bedroom, and the kids may have to share a room for a few days. Should you need to move any furniture out of any rooms, such as a couch or table, we can provide the right storage solution for everything. Instead of trying to move things into the garage or the basement — two spaces you might also need to use this winter — you can store your extra furniture and then take it home once the holidays are over.

Find a Storage Unit Today

No matter what your holiday plans are, whether it’s traveling to see family or having house guests stay with you, EZ Storage® can help you find the perfect self-storage unit. You can rent a space for a month, or you can keep things stored for the entire season, only paying for the months you need. If you have any questions, the staff members and resident managers at one of our metro-area locations can answer them.

We look forward to seeing you soon!