Making Your Spring Agenda

Flowers in a garden and text "Making your spring agenda"

It may only be the middle of February, but spring isn’t too far away, and you’re likely looking forward to doing some new things once the weather warms up a bit. When you’re making your spring agenda, it’s important to mix in some fun things along with the projects and cleaning that you want to get done. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for anything that you need to keep safe!

Cleaning and Organizing

The first thing on many people’s spring agenda is to clean and organize their house. “Spring cleaning” is a popular topic this time of year, and everyone goes about it a bit differently. You might focus on one room that needs the most attention, or you may treat the entire house as one big project.


Whatever the case may be, it can be good to schedule time each day in your agenda for cleaning certain parts of the house. You may tackle the basement one day and the garage the next, or you might spend the entire weekend going through the attic to see what you need to keep, what can be stored, and what can be donated or tossed.

Taking a Trip

dreamstime_xxl_119406883It can be a good idea to schedule a trip between all the cleaning and organizing you’re planning to do. You may not have traveled for the holidays, and you’re ready to get away, even if it’s just for a few days. As the weather gets nicer, you can take a weekend and go to your favorite spot in Michigan. If you want to go further, then see what flight deals you can find on last-minute trips to less-popular destinations.

Perhaps there’s somewhere in the world you’ve always wanted to go, and one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more spontaneous. Spring can be a great time to see new places, and if you need to store a vehicle or some personal belongings while you’re gone, then our staff is here to help. If you’re planning to take the kids with you, then scheduling a trip for their spring break in March can give you all a chance to get away and enjoy a little downtime.

Don’t Worry About Your Belongings

As you’re making your spring agenda, the one thing that shouldn’t be on the list is worrying about things. Whether it’s worrying about what you will do or if your belongings are safe and sound, concern should be the furthest thing from your mind. At EZ Storage®, we can provide a suitable space that will protect your things for as long as you need. If you’re cleaning out the garage this spring, or you’re finally taking that long-awaited trip, then visit one of our facilities in the greater metro area to see how we can help you. The staff and resident managers will show you which units are available and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you soon!