Making Home Upgrades in the New Year?

Inside view of a modern home and text "Making home upgrades in the New Year"

In one of our previous posts, we talked about remodeling your kitchen during the winter. If you’ve started on that endeavor, then we hope that things are going well. If you’re saving your home upgrades for the New Year, then EZ Storage® in Detroit is here to help you find a self-storage unit for anything that you need to get out of the way. With the right space, you can keep your belongings safe until you’re ready to move them back into the house!

Where to Begin?

dreamstime_xxl_88154290 (1)When you think about home remodeling, you might become overwhelmed by the mere thought of taking out a wall or redoing an entire room. You’re not sure where to begin, so you don’t begin at all. When that happens, take a step back and think about which rooms are in the most need of an upgrade. Is it the kitchen? Is it the bathroom? Starting with one room can help you feel more at ease about remodeling.

Moving Things Out of the House

Let’s say, for example, that you want to remodel your living room. You want it to be a more comfortable and inviting space, and the current lighting, carpet, and wallpaper just don’t cut it. Before you can begin any work, you’ll have to move the couch, chairs, bookshelves, and anything else that’s in the way out of the room. If you don’t have space in another room for these pieces, then a storage unit is an ideal alternative. Our team can help you find the right space at the right price.

Setting Your Remodel Timeline

One thing you’ll want to do, whether you’re doing the remodel yourself or hiring professionals, is to set a timeline. Give yourself a few days to clear everything out of the room and put it into storage, and then set a timeline for how long you expect the remodel to take. If you’re doing the upgrades yourself, then you can be a bit more lax on when things are done, but you’ll want to stay on top of the project, so it doesn’t get left sitting for months on end. If you’re hiring professionals, then be upfront about when you expect the job to be done. Contractors can often drag their feet, but if you’re firm with them, they should do their best to stay on schedule.

Find Your Storage Today

If you’re planning on making upgrades to your home in the New Year, then come to EZ Storage® in Detroit today to find a suitable storage solution. We have locations across the greater metro area, and you can rent a space by the month, making it easy to protect your belongings for as long as you need. Once you have a unit, you can access it on any day of the year, which means you can drop things off or pick them when it’s convenient for you. Our staff and resident managers are always happy to help however they can, and you’ll feel confident that your things are safe and sound.

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