Living in Two Places?

An outside view of a red bricked building next to a house

While it may seem a little strange to live in two places, there are people who do it. They may have an apartment or small house in one city where they live a majority of the time, but their work requires them to travel to another city and stay there for a week or more. They may rent an apartment in the second city so they don’t have to live in a hotel every time, and when that happens, they may need somewhere to store some of their belongings. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we understand that there are a number of reasons why people may need self-storage, and we’re always here to help!

Keeping Things Safe

dreamstime_7325433Since you’re splitting your time between two cities, you may have some possessions that you want to store in order to keep them safe. You may have a vehicle that you want to hold on to, but you don’t want to leave it parked in front of your apartment for days on end. You can store it in one of our larger storage spaces, and it will be here when you need it! If you’re going to leave a vehicle in storage for a long period of time, it’s important to add gas stabilizer to the fuel tank, disconnect the battery, and drain certain fluids.

You may also be trying to live as minimally as possible, and if you have boxes of clothes, electronics, and other things you need to store, we can provide the space for those as well. Your plan might be to split time between two cities for a couple of years, but then you want to settle down, start a family, and stay in one place as much as possible. You might not be wearing those clothes or using those electronics right now, but you know you want to hang on to them for later.

Transitioning to a New City

dreamstime_4154290If your company has plans to transfer you to a new city on a more permanent basis, you may not have time to pack everything up and move it. Putting things in storage can help you keep everything safe while you settle into your new place in a new city, and then you can come back for your belongings. This can be a much better option than storing things in your parents’ basement or asking your friend if you can use his garage. You won’t feel like you’re imposing on anyone, and you’ll know your things are secure!

When you need a storage unit in the Detroit area, visit one of our locations and the staff there will help you choose the ideal space. We rent every unit on a monthly basis, which means you can store things for as long as you need without having to worry about a contract. You might be splitting your time between two cities, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave certain belongings sitting unattended in one of your apartments.

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