10 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartment with furniture and window doors

Living in a studio apartment can be a great set-up, especially for young people who’ve just moved to a new city. But that doesn’t mean living in this type of apartment doesn’t present its own challenges. We’ve gathered some of the best studio apartment tips to make your living situation as comfortable as possible.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is basically a one-room home. It takes all the rooms that may be separate in another apartment or house — think the living room, kitchen, and bedroom — and combines them into a single room. Studio apartments are known for being cheap and efficient.

How to Live in a Studio Apartment

Here are some of the key tips for making your studio apartment more comfortable, most of which boil down to increasing the feeling of space in your apartment. Of course, one way to do that is to store some of your belongings off-site, and EZ Storage offers plenty of self-storage solutions if that’s what you’re looking for.

1. Make your bed every morning.

With little space to work with, any sign of clutter can feel overwhelming. Make sure to make your bed every single morning to help fight off that cluttered feeling.

2. Declutter.

If you’ve settled on a studio apartment, it’s time to develop a minimalist mindset. Figure out what items and furniture you truly need to survive, and toss the rest. If you’re a big reader, for instance, consider ditching or donating your library and grabbing an e-reader.

3. Take advantage of multipurpose furniture.

You might settle on a bed that turns into a couch during the day or a series of shelves that can hold your books, television, and all of your knick knacks. Finding ways for your furniture to work overtime will be critical in saving space.

4. Add more light to your space.

Making sure your windows are unblocked and choosing a careful placement for lamps and other light sources is a great way to open up your space — after all, the more space you can see, the more you’ll feel it. Mirrors can also work wonders in this department.

5. Come up with creative ways to divide your space.

Throwing up curtains or room dividers can be a good idea, but it can also make your studio apartment feel even smaller. Getting creative with rugs or color schemes to create subtle divisions in your apartment can be a great solution.

6. Choose modern furniture.

Contemporary furniture designs — and even throwback designs, like midcentury modern chairs and couches — often have a sleek, minimalist appearance that can open up the feel of your space.

7. Ditch the sofa.

Couches are comfy, but they take up a ton of space and can quickly clog up your studio apartment. Consider substituting a pair of comfortable chairs for a couch, which will help open up your space.

8. Store your clothing in sight.

You likely won’t have a ton of closet space to work with in your studio apartment, so find a way to store your clothes in a unique way that feels open — a wardrobe can take up a lot of space, but a simple clothing rack won’t. Plus, it’ll look sleek and modern.

9. Streamline your kitchen experience.

There’s no need for too many fancy utensils in a studio apartment, where you’re likely to have less counter space. Similarly, try to limit your grocery shopping to items you’ll need in the immediate future because cabinet space will likely be limited.

10. Maximize your wall space.

Do you really need a console where you can place your TV? Or would it be a better idea to install a TV bracket on the wall? Finding pieces of furniture, such as TV stands and bookshelves, that can be converted into wall features will save you precious floor space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth living in a studio apartment?

It depends on what you want out of your living situation and what you’re willing to put into your apartment. Studio apartments, if arranged properly, can be extremely cozy and charming — and not to mention cheap — places to live.

How do you live comfortably in a studio apartment?

Several strategies can make a studio apartment more comfortable. Choosing unobtrusive furniture that’s comfortable while not taking up too much space is a good first move. You can also come up with creative ways to divide your space — think curtains or tall storage containers — that can easily increase your room count.

Can more than one person live in a studio apartment?

Of course! It depends on the size and layout of the studio apartment, but couples often find that living in a studio apartment is an easy and workable arrangement.

Does a studio apartment have a bedroom?

You’ll sometimes find a studio apartment that has a very small separate bedroom, but most studio apartments will not have a separate bedroom — that’s what makes them studio apartments in the first place.

Does a studio apartment have a kitchen?

Yes. Studio apartments have full kitchens, meaning you’ll have access to a stove, sink, and refrigerator, at the very least. It’s likely that it won’t be a separate room, however, so be prepared.