Living Comfortably in a Small Space

Closeup of small living room and kitchen area space

For many first-time renters who land their first apartment, the living conditions can turn out to be a little cramped. If you’re renting on your own, your budget may only allow for a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. While these spaces can be limited on how much room they offer, there are ways to live comfortably in them, after some planning and organizing.

At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find a self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe, or that you can’t keep in your small apartment. We have multiple locations across the greater metro area, making it easy to find a storage space that’s close to home.

Be Smart About Your Furniture

Whenever you move into a small apartment, it’s important to be smart about what furniture you bring with you. If you’re moving out of your parents’ house for the first time, you might be tempted to bring your bed, dresser, entertainment center, and more. With a studio apartment, however, you likely won’t have the space for all that furniture. Your bed is probably going to be the most important piece to have, and you may be able to add the dresser as well.

As for couches and chairs, you can add them to your apartment, as long as they don’t take up too much space. While you want to be comfortable, you don’t want your furniture to occupy so much real estate in the apartment that you don’t feel like you can move around the space easily. For any furniture that you want to put into storage, we can help you find the ideal spot.

Go to the Grocery Store Often

In most small apartments, the tiniest room is often the kitchen (if it’s not the bathroom). With a smaller kitchen, you’re going to be limited on how much cabinet and cupboard space you have at your disposal. You can put your glasses, dishes, and silverware where they need to go, but when it comes to food storage, it’s best to think about what you need for the next few weeks, instead of for the foreseeable future.

By going to the grocery store more often and buying only what you need for the next few weeks, you can avoid having an overstuffed kitchen that can’t hold everything. If you budget for your groceries for the month, split that cost in half and go to the store twice a month instead of once. Sure, it means more trips to the store, but you’ll be able to store what you do buy and not have to worry about things piling up in the kitchen.

Store Your Seasonal Clothes

Your apartment might have a closet, but it’s likely a rather small space. There isn’t enough room for all of your clothes, and even with a dresser, you can’t adequately store every piece of apparel that you own. In a studio apartment, you can hang things on an open rack next to the bed, but if you’re trying to save on space, the best solution can be to store your seasonal clothes until you need them.

In the summer, you can keep all of your shorts, t-shirts, lightweight dresses, and more in your closet and dresser, while your winter apparel is tucked away in your storage unit. As the seasons change, you can rotate clothes around, bringing home jackets and coats for fall and winter, along with pants, sweaters, and anything else you need. By putting away your spring and summer clothes during the winter, you can ensure you have plenty of closet space year-round.

Find a Storage Unit Today

If you’ve been living in a small space for some time now, or you’re soon to move into one, let EZ Storage® in Detroit help you find the right self-storage unit. We offer monthly leases on every standard and climate-controlled space we have, which means you can rent for the time you need. We can help you decide what size of unit you need, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about our facilities, our security systems, and more. Once you’ve rented a unit, you can access it on any day of the year.

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