Let the Entire Family Help with the Storage Process

Family of four packing boxes with text "let the entire family help with the storage process"

When you’re packing things up for self-storage, you may focus on the garage or the attic, where the majority of things that are stored belong to you or your spouse. You may have bikes or old toys that belong to your children, but the main reason you need storage is for those larger items that you or your spouse purchased (such as a motorcycle or boating equipment). However, when preparing to store your belongings, it can be beneficial to get the entire family involved. You can create more space in each room, and each family member can decide what he or she wants to keep in the house and what can be put in the storage unit. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’re always happy to help you find the perfect solutions!

Toys and Clothes

dreamstime_xxl_62551972The two main categories of possessions that belong to your children are toys and clothes. They may have gotten that one special toy a few years ago for Christmas, but they rarely play with it anymore. They also outgrow clothes every few months, it seems, and going through their closet will most likely yield items that can be donated or put in storage. Having each child go through their toy box and their closet can help them create more space in their bedroom, and you can explain to them that these items are being stored, not given or thrown away. It can also help them decide what’s truly important to them and what they want to keep. If you’re planning a garage or yard sale in the near future, this can be a great way to get things ready.

Recreational Equipment

Whereas you or your spouse have a motorcycle or ATV, your kids have their bikes, skateboards, and other recreational equipment. They may have outgrown their bike, or they may never ride their skateboard or scooter anymore, and putting those things in storage can get them out of the garage. Again, take some time to take inventory of your equipment with your kids, and ask them if they’d like to keep, store, sell, or donate their items. This can help them feel like they’re a part of the process, and you’re not simply moving or storing things without talking to them.

Bring Them With You

dreamstime_4419846Once you and your family know what needs to be stored, bring everyone with you to our storage facility. Not only will they be able to help you unload things and fill the storage unit, they’ll also get to see how our operation functions and how our facility will keep their belongings safe and sound. You can set aside a section of your storage unit for each family member, and he or she can arrange and organize that area as he or she sees fit.

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