Leaving Your House Unoccupied This Fall?

Frontal view of a Cape Cod-style home with gables during the fall with changing leave colors

If you love to travel, then the fall can be a great time to take off for new places. You may have had a busy summer full of work and other responsibilities, and you didn’t have time to take a vacation. With a new season approaching, it can be the perfect opportunity to pack your suitcase, get on a plane, and visit a place you’ve never been. At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we can help you find the perfect self-storage unit for anything you want to keep safe while you’re gone!

One thing you may be worried about, however, is leaving your house unoccupied for a long period of time. If you live alone, or your spouse or partner is going with you on the trip, then there are some things that should be taken care of before you head to the airport.

Check Your Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor lighting is what accentuates the exterior of your house, but it also helps keep your property safe at night. If you’re worried about people trespassing or trying to break into your home, then checking your outdoor lights are a must. Make sure that there are no broken or burned-out bulbs, and double-check your timers to ensure that your lights come on at the same time every night. You may also want to put a few indoor lights, such as floor and table lamps, on timers to make it look like you’re home!

Hold Your Mail

If you’re going to be gone for a few weeks, then it can be a good idea to have U.S. Postal Service hold your mail. You don’t want to come back to an overflowing mailbox that’s stuffed with letters, and you don’t want any important packages sitting on your porch for weeks on end. You can request to hold your mail online, or you can visit your local post office and fill out a form. Instead of asking a friend or neighbor to get your mail while you’re gone, or worrying that some important bill or delivery is just sitting outside your house, you can enjoy your trip!

Store Important Items

When planning to be gone for an extended period of time, you might spend a few days organizing the house and putting things away. This can help you avoid the stress of coming home to clutter, but it can also help you take a look at what’s in the house and what could perhaps be put into storage. If you have boxes of clothes or extra pieces of furniture taking up space, then why not move them into a self-storage unit? You won’t have to worry about dealing with things when you get back, and you’ll instead be able to settle into getting into the swing of things after your trip.

One thing to consider storing while you’re gone is your vehicle. If you’re not driving to the airport, or you have a second car that’s sitting on the street or in the driveway, then bring it to one of our metro-area locations. We can help you find the right space for it, and you won’t have to worry about it being left unprotected while you’re gone.

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If you’re leaving your house unoccupied this fall while you travel across the world, then let EZ Storage® help you find the right self-storage solution. We offer every unit on a month-to-month basis, so you can rent for the time you need and then pick everything up when you get home. If you have questions, then our staff members and resident managers will be here to help.

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