Kid Coming Home for the Summer?

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When you and your spouse sent your last child off to college, you probably relished the idea of finally being empty nesters. However, if your son or daughter is only a freshman or sophomore in college, chances are he or she will be coming home for the summer. While you’re happy to have them home for a few months (and you haven’t yet turned their bedroom into a home theater area), you may not have room for all of their stuff. They might be bringing home more than they left with, and if they go to school locally, they may have dorm or apartment furniture that they need to store. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find the storage you need during the summer months.

Monthly Storage Options

dreamstime_xxl_27934745One reason why people don’t seek out self-storage during the summer is that they’re worried about paying for months they don’t need. We offer monthly lease options on all of our storage units, so if you only need to store things for June, July, and August, you only pay for June, July, and August. We also offer affordable rates on all our units, so if your son or daughter is paying for part or all of the storage, it won’t use up all of their summer funds. We have convenient access hours, so moving things in and moving them out of storage won’t interrupt their schedule too much.

Summer Renovations

A project that many families take on during the summer is renovating their home while their child is home to help. You may be renovating their room, the basement, or another part of the house, but having someone to work with you can make the process much faster and less expensive. If you need to move furniture or appliances out of the house for the summer, a storage unit can make sense. Everything that needs to be out of the way is out of the way, and you can focus on improving your home.

Storing Their Car

If your son or daughter is driving home from school, you may need to make room for their car or truck in the garage, or find a safe place to store it for the summer. They might be planning on hanging around the house most of the summer, or they can ride their bike or take public transportation to and from their summer job, and they won’t be using their vehicle for a few months. We have several vehicle storage options, and would love to help you find the best solution while your child is home for the summer.

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If you’re planning for your child (or children) to arrive home sometime in the next few weeks, let EZ Storage® put your mind at ease. No matter what you need to store or how long you need to store it, we’ll help you find the best self-storage space at the best price.

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