Items to Move to Self Storage as it Gets Warmer

Close up of frosted holiday ornaments in a coffee table decorative bowl.

Fall and winter require us to pull warmer clothes, bulky jackets, holiday decorations, and various other things, out of storage. As temperatures start to get warmer, you want to make sure that you’re bringing items back over to your storage unit so that you don’t start to build up clutter in your house. In today’s blog post, the team at EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh is going to go over a few of the things that you can start to set aside to bring back over to your storage unit. Let’s jump in.

Holiday Decorations

If you haven’t already taken down your holiday decorations, it’s time to get it done! Leaving your Christmas decorations up through January is totally acceptable, but spring is coming up quickly and it’s time to tuck those guys away until next year. Once you’ve got your holiday decorations down and in their designated Tupperware, you can absolutely take them back to your storage unit. This will help you keep your house clear for the various things that you have going on during the first few months of the year.


Another set of winter items that take up so much room are the bulky jackets! While these jackets keep us warm during when we’re out and about, they tend to take up a ridiculous amount of space in our closet and in our house as a whole. That’s why, as temperatures start to warm up and the jackets get used less and less, you will want to move your jackets back over to the storage unit. Even though there could be a cold day here and there, you can always keep a mid-weight jacket out so that you’re not sacrificing weight but still have a heavy enough jacket to keep you warm.

Winter Gear

Jackets aren’t the only thing that take up space during the winter months. There are so many different types of winter gear throughout the house, you are definitely going to want to make some time to gather these items so that you can bring them back to storage. Sure a jacket might need to be used here and there, but the chances of you needing snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves, for much longer is pretty rare. With that being said, you can always leave behind a few hats and gloves, just to play it safe, but the rest can make its way back to the storage unit.

Equipment for Snow Sports

Though it may be colder during the winter, there are still countless activities that individuals of all ages like to get out and enjoy during these months. Whether you have kiddos that love to sled or your family heads out of town for a ski trip during the winter, snow sport equips always one of the best things to store in your storage unit. Not only does this equipment take up quite a bit of room, be it in your house or your garage, but it’s stuff that won’t be used in the months to come. Rather than let it sit around taking up space and collecting dust, drop it back off at your storage unit!


Jackets and hats aren’t the only way that we stay warm during the winter months. Our beds also get a couple of additional layers added to them to help ensure we stay warm throughout the night. When temperatures start to rise and we aren’t in need of our flannel sheets or heavy down comforter, it’s absolutely okay to store these items in your storage unit. Again, these are items that aren’t going to be used during the months ahead, so it doesn’t make sense to store them where they’re readily available. Rather, open up that space by storing these types of items in your storage unit and pulling them back out when the low temperatures settle back in.

EZ Storage® Has Your Storage Needs Covered

When you’re in need of a high-quality storage solution for your winter items, look no further than EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh. We offer a variety of unit sizes so that you can find the one that perfectly accommodates all of your belongings. Whether you have questions regarding our units or you’d like to receive a quote on the unit that you’re looking at, contact our office and we would be more than happy to assist you!