Is Your Event Rental Business Ready for Summer?

Several rows of chairs in an outside venue

At EZ Storage® in Pittsburgh, we’ve written before about summer event storage options and how we can help you find the perfect self-storage space for your rental equipment, materials, and more. If you’re gearing up for another busy seasons of weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations, then visit one of our metro-area locations today to find the ideal unit!

New Rental Equipment

It may only be the beginning of April, but now is the best time to make sure you have everything you need for your summer events. If you’re buying new rental equipment to replace worn or broken pieces, then you might need somewhere to store everything until it’s time to put it to use. New chairs, tables, and stage pieces can be kept safe in a storage unit until it’s time to set up for your first event.

As for your old rental equipment, there might be some pieces that are still functional, but they’re a bit outdated for your business. You can store them until you’re ready to sell them, or until you find another use for them.

Storage for Vehicles

Your event rental business couldn’t run without the right vehicles, and you may have a van or truck that you use to haul everything to and from a venue. You’ve spent money on adding your business name and logo to these vehicles so that people can see your brand wherever you are.

It’s important to keep these vehicles protected. If you only use them on weekends when setting up or tearing down an event, then you can store them indoors during the week. They’ll be safe from wind and weather, and any wrapping you’ve added to your van or truck will be guarded against exposure to the sun.

New Electronics

You may run a DJ business, and summer is your busiest time of year. You’ve likely already booked a few gigs, but as you look over your speakers, your microphones, and the rest of your electronics, you realize that everything is a bit outdated. You might be aiming to land bigger events and festivals this summer, and your current speaker setup might not be large enough.

Buying new electronics is an investment for your business, and with any investment, you want to make sure it’s a good one. After you’ve spent time choosing and purchasing your new speakers, microphones, and more, you can keep them protected when they’re not in use by putting them into storage. With a climate-controlled storage unit at one of our facilities, your electronics will be stored at an appropriate temperature all season long. You can access your unit on any day of the week, so whether you’re heading to an event or coming back from one, you should be able to get into your space.

Rent a Space Today

Summer will be here before you know it, and once it arrives, you likely won’t have the time or energy to think about finding a self-storage unit. By renting a space today, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a dedicated unit where you can store anything you need to. With our month-to-month leases, you can rent for the season and then move everything out! If you plan to leave most of your equipment on your truck or van for the summer, then visit us once summer is over to find storage for the offseason.

At EZ Storage®, we’re dedicated to helping every customer find the perfect storage solutions. We’ve worked with many business owners across Pittsburgh who needed a unit for a few months or the entire year.

Visit us today to learn more!