How Self-Storage Prices Are Set In Philadelphia

Hallway of blue storage units in storage facility

In the modern consumer era, it’s impossible to side-step the need for a storage unit. This is especially true since housing is shrinking, and everything else is only getting bigger. Essentially, you have two options when you move to a newer, bigger city and put your name on the lease for that tiny, brick-walled apartment: Buy IKEA furniture, or invest in a storage unit for your heirloom pieces. 

So, if it’s determined that on your quest for the perfect home and settlement, as you toggle between living in the city and living in the burbs, you’ll need a storage unit to help you keep moving costs down. You’ll also need to know how much you should set aside to pay for it. Certainly, you love your couch and everything else you’re intending to safely pack away to go suddenly minimalist in a smaller space, but how much per month should you invest to keep it? 

Turns out, depending on the city you’re moving to and a variety of other factors, that price point might fluctuate a bit. If you’re wondering how your self-storage unit in Philadelphia is determining their price points, dive in, as we always favor transparency in our methods of operation. 


Obviously, location is one of the prime motivators in price fluctuations and setting prices for storage units in any area. Cities that are crammed tight with apartments will often have a higher demand for storage facilities, as interlopers will still need somewhere to place their things as they get settled. A city, like Philadelphia for example, is one of the prime places for people to move to find new job opportunities and immerse themselves in a new culture. That means there’s constantly people moving in and out of the city, which means people are moving in and out of storage facilities without the demand ever really dropping. Any large city’s storage facilities will, therefore, be at least a little bit higher than the suburban counterpart you may be used to, as space is far rarer in those parts. 

Unit Size

The other driving factor of storage unit prices is the size of the storage unit itself, which is directly related to how much stuff you need to be stowing away. There is quite a bit of price fluctuation and unit size. If you’re looking to cut costs on the front end, the best way to approach that is by cutting the amount of stuff you’re trying to stow away down. Planning on turning that extra bedroom into a guest room? Perhaps cut on costs for yourself and ask your guests to stay in a hotel by using that room as a place to put away a few of the things you would have placed in storage instead. 

Climate Control

The East Coast of the states is a great place to live. It’s bustling with life and history, but it’s not exactly known for its nice weather. A nice day in Philadelphia is fairly rare throughout a couple of the seasons, specifically winter, which is why many folks look to get climate controlled self-storage units when they move here. The famously humid summers and winters with fairly large temperature scale variations won’t do anything good for that German dresser and trunk your grandparents brought with them when they immigrated. Regulated temperature and humidity level will save old, hand-carved wood, but it won’t save you money. Climate controlled self-storage units end up costing around 15% more than regular storage units, but that’s a small price to pay to truly preserve the heirlooms you’re stowing away. For example, if you’re hoping to bypass spending money on storing your mother’s fur coat, you’ll definitely need a climate-controlled storage unit before you can move it to safer quarters. If those important pieces you’re stowing away in your storage unit are something you want to be around and in good shape for a while, climate-controlled storage is the answer. 

Type of Storage Structure

When you start looking for self-storage facilities in Philadelphia you’ll notice there are two main kinds: outdoor and indoor. Outdoor storage structures are the most familiar type, and they look like a row of garages in a line. Indoor storage units look something like an apartment building might, and they’re often rather tall buildings. They offer a single, interior door to the unit, obviously after bypassing the initial door at the front. Usually, people choose indoor storage units for the purpose of accessing higher quality security on their items.

Outdoor storage units are often fine, as it’s not exactly easy to break into a garage door of any kind, especially one with a padlock and a key. But for those storing other, more important documents or items, they sometimes prefer more hefty security on their storage unit. This increases the price of storing items by up to 50% and is rarely worth it, as most of the things you would need that much security to store, might be better off in a bank deposit box instead. 

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