How EZ Storage® Can Help College Students

Young man packing a hatchback car with boxes & furniture with smiling parents in background

Moving is a stressful and overwhelming process, and when you’re a college student, you’re usually moving every single year. Whether you’re a parent with an out of state college student or you’re a student looking for a solution to moving your belongings back to your parents’ house every summer only to have to move them back three months later, today’s blog post is for you! The team at EZ Storage® in St. Louis is going to cover a few of the ways that a college student could benefit from renting a self-storage unit close to campus. If you believe that you or your student could benefit from a storage unit, contact the team at EZ Storage® and we’ll get you taken care of.

Additional Space

When you’re in your first few years of college, you often have to live on campus in a dorm. These spaces are usually shared by a handful of students, limiting the amount of space within the dorm as a whole, but particularly limiting the amount of storage space. When you’re living in such a limited space, you don’t exactly have the room that you need to store winter clothes, dishes, or some of your personal belongings. Rather than having to send these items back home or figure out a trip to drop them back off at the parent’s house, investing in a storage unit is a fantastic option.

A great example of this is when students move to college anticipating more storage than they actually have. Rather than coordinating how to get these items back, they can leave them in the storage unit and access them when they need them.

Easier Moves

At the end of every school year, college students are left having to move their items out and bring them back to their parents’ house until the school semester starts back up. For out of state students, this is quite the ordeal. A car is packed to the brim and driven cross country to bring all of their personal belongings back. If they’re flying back home, it often means that additional luggage is paid for or boxes of belongings are shipped back to their parents, meaning an additional cost tacked on to an already pricey time of the year.

Even for the students that live in-state, moving is an ordeal. These students are left having to pack their car up and drive these items back to their parents or rent a moving truck. Again, not exactly ideal scenarios. The worst part is, once these students have made it there, these items wind up in a basement, stacked up in a spare bedroom, or strewn about the house only to get packed back up in a couple of months for yet another journey.

Moving in college is a struggle, which is exactly why finding a solution that makes these seasonal moves easier is a must. A storage unit is a fantastic way to keep students from having to move their belongings to and from, over and over. With a storage unit, they can store the items that they’re not going to need during these months, take what they do need back to their parents, and quickly unload the unit when the semester starts again. All in all, a storage unit is a great way to make moving college students so much easier.

Shared Space and Cost

There’s no doubt about it, college students aren’t exactly rolling in the dough. Every additional cost can be overwhelming at this stage in life, which brings us to another benefit of utilizing a storage unit: the opportunity to share the space and the cost. Many students don’t think about renting a storage unit because it’s an extra expense that they’re not exactly looking for. The good news is, however, that storage units can be pretty affordable when used the right way!

Roommates can rent this space together and use it to store shared items or for the months where they need to move out. When doing this, renting out a larger storage space can become the best option. The good news is, this is a cost that everyone can contribute to and benefit from, making it a fantastic solution for students to take advantage of.

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Storage units are a fantastic option for college students that are always having to move at the end of the school year. EZ Storage® offers a range of unit sizes so that we can cater to the storage needs of each of our customers. Whether your student needs to store a mattress, couch, dresser, and the like or they only have a few tubs of clothes and some school supplies, we have a unit that will work. Contact us today for additional information!