Is Your Household Ready for Fall?

Autumn leaves falling and text "Is your household ready for fall?"

Fall may still be a few weeks away, but as you’re settling into the routine of your post-summer life, it’s important to take a look around the house and see what needs to be done before the new season arrives. At EZ Storage® in Detroit, we can help you find the ideal self-storage unit for all those things that you need to store for the fall and winter. You may have some seasonal items that need to be put away, and we can make sure that your belongings stay safe and sound!

1. Start Outside

Chances are that you spent quite a bit of time outside this summer, and now that it’s coming to an end, it’s a good idea to start looking at what needs to be cleaned up around the house. The kids may have left their bikes in the driveway all summer, and you may have patio furniture that needs to be stored for the colder months of the year. Doing a sweep of your front and back yards can be a great way to see what needs to be picked up and put away.

2. Optimize Your Living Room

dreamstime_xxl_57808341 (1)Your living room is likely going to get a lot more use during the fall, as the family spends more time inside. You might be planning to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays, or you may have a family movie night every week. Whatever the case may be, it can be smart to rearrange your furniture to create a bigger seating area, or add more lighting where the kids are going to sit and read their favorite books. If you have furniture or lamps that you need to store, then we can help you find the best spot for everything.

3. Swap Out Your Wardrobe

Your closets may be overflowing with new clothes that you purchased during the summer, but now you want to have everything organized for the fall. Going through each closet and swapping out your shorts and t-shirts for jeans and sweaters will mean that you have the appropriate apparel for those first cold days of October. If you usually put your summer clothes into wardrobe boxes or plastic tubs, then keep them safe and secure inside your new storage unit.

With fall soon to arrive, now is the time to get your house in order. If your family has been complaining about all the stuff piling up around the house, or you simply want to clean up some rooms or the backyard, then let EZ Storage® help. With our variety of storage units, you can find a space that suits your needs. We offer monthly storage leases on every unit, so you can rent one for the season, and then pick everything up when you’re ready to bring it back home.

We have several locations throughout the greater Detroit area, and each one can help you find a unit that fits your budget. We pride ourselves on providing convenient and affordable storage, so that you can have a unit close to home.

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