Helping Your Neighbors With Storage

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In our last post, we talked about helping your aging parents find the right self-storage unit for their belongings. We hope that if you’ve had to assist your parents with storage needs, you’ve found the right solutions. In this post, we’re going to talk about another set of people that might need your assistance with storage — your neighbors. At EZ Storage®, we believe in taking care of those around you, and that includes those in your neighborhood. If you or your neighbors need a storage unit in Detroit, then visit us right away!

Offer Short-Term Solutions

If you’ve used one of our storage facilities before, then you’re well-positioned to help your neighbor find a unit that works for them. We offer short-term solutions for seasonal storage, so if your neighbor has summer sports gear or winter outdoor equipment that they need to store in the off-season, then we can provide the ideal space. You can offer to help your neighbor move things into storage (and also save yourself from being asked to store a “few” things for your neighbor while the items aren’t being used).

When you have a new neighbor moving in, it can be nice of you to offer to store a few boxes or small items while they get settled, but just for a few weeks. It’s important to set a timeline with them, and if they have larger items or a vehicle that they need to store, then bring them to us and we’ll help them!

Help Them Find a Storage Unit

Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor who lives on their own, and they need some form of self-storage. They may have years of memories kept in their house, and if they need to store any of those things, then it’s important that they find the proper storage unit size. By accompanying them, or doing the research for them, you can help determine what unit will be best for their boxes of photos, precious antiques, and other items that need to be stored. You can also reference our Size Guide to get a better sense of what each unit can hold.

Go Through Things With Them

If you’re often in your neighbor’s house, helping them with certain things or simply spending time with them, then you can offer to help them go through some of their belongings. Maybe they’ve been putting off going through some boxes that have been in the attic or garage for several years. By lending a hand, you can possibly spur them on to get rid of some things and decide what can be put into storage for the next few months. They may also come across some things they didn’t know they still had, as well as items they may give to you that you can put to good use!

Visit Us Today

At EZ Storage®, we love helping our neighbors across Detroit find the perfect self-storage solutions. With multiple locations across the greater metro area, it’s easy for you or those in your neighborhood to find an affordable, convenient unit that’s close to home. We offer access hours on every day of the year, so when someone needs to pick something up or drop off another box, they can get into their unit.

We also have a free* local move-in truck that people can use to transport those larger items, such as furniture and appliances. Using the truck can also cut down on the number of trips it takes to get things to the storage unit, plus, no one will have to ask their neighbor if they can borrow a pickup!

We look forward to helping you and your neighbors soon!

*At participating locations. Some restrictions apply.