Helping a Friend or Relative Find Affordable Storage

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At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we’re always ready and willing to help every person who calls or stops by one of our locations. We know that people have different reasons for needing self-storage, and we’re always happy to show a customer of number of unit options. We also know that people sometimes come in not because they need storage themselves, but because they’re helping out a friend or relative. This other person may be going through a difficult time or may need to move at a moment’s notice, and a storage unit is the best option for them. When these situations arise, we’ll be here to assist however we can.

Storage for Elderly Parents

dreamstime_xxl_34213230One of the most common situations we see is when adult children are helping their elderly parents transition from their home to an assisted living or nursing home facility. Their parents have amassed lots of possessions over the years, and now that they’re moving to a smaller residence, they need somewhere to store those valuable items. The family may have a garage or estate sale, but those precious heirlooms that will be handed down someday need to be stored properly. The children often take on the task of finding a storage unit, either because their parents aren’t able to drive themselves to the facility, or they don’t have the financial means at the moment.

Helping a Friend in Need

We all have friends who we rely on, and we know they’ll be there for us through thick and thin. We also know that we will do whatever we can for them when they’re going through a tough situation. A friend may need to move unexpectedly, or some other life change may require them to store some of their belongings for a few months. They may not have the time or energy to look for a storage space, and that’s where you come in. Our staff can show you our standard and climate-controlled options, and recommend the best unit based on what your friend needs dreamstime_xxl_58373246to store. Your friend will need to sign the lease, since the belongings are theirs, but you can gather all of the necessary information for them, including cost, location, etc. Taking some of the stress off of their shoulders can leave them better able to focus on whatever change they’re dealing with at the moment.

Friendly and Compassionate Staff

At EZ Storage®, we know that unexpected things happen in life, and it can sometimes take all we have to deal with change. If a certain situation requires you, a relative, or a friend to look for self-storage, you’ll find a friendly and compassionate staff at each one of our Philadelphia locations. We’ll help you find the ideal unit, show you that our facilities are safe and secure, and explain how our month-to-month lease options can help you save on storage. Above all, we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice in trusting us with your belongings.

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