Having Relatives Move In With You

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In many cities around the country, families have relatives – both immediate and extended – who are moving in with them. There are many personal and financial reasons why this happens, and one of the biggest challenges a family can face when a relative moves in is finding enough space for them and their belongings. The family wants to be accommodating, and it’s often necessary for the house to be rearranged and certain things to be moved out before the family member can move in. At EZ Storage® in Philadelphia, we can help you find an affordable storage solution for your belongings and anything your relatives need to store.

Creating More Living Space

dreamstime_xxl_18353519The first priority for many families, when they’re preparing for relatives who will be staying with them for an extended period of time, is to create more living space. This may mean cleaning out that spare bedroom or turning it from an office back into a sleeping or living area. You may have a desk, chairs, and other furniture that needs to be stored, and you’d rather place it in storage than try to find space in your attic or basement. You also have to take into consideration any furniture your relative will be bringing with them, and they may have a special chair or their own mattress that they’d like to use.

Elderly Relatives

One of the primary reasons families have relatives move in with them is that the relative is elderly and can no longer live on their own. They may not want or need to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility, but living with family is still a better option. If your home has a secondary residence, or “mother-in-law apartment,” that you’ve been using for storage, it will be necessary to move those things out of the apartment and into another space. We can help you find an affordable storage solution that keeps your belongings safe for as long as you need.

dreamstime_xxl_11502058Your relative may also have items that they wish to store, and putting their belongings in storage with yours can make the most financial sense. They may have family heirlooms and antiques that they’ve had for years, and sticking those things in the basement where they’re susceptible to water or fire damage may not be the best choice. Our Philadelphia storage facilities have climate-controlled storage units that can keep any fragile or sensitive items safe and sound. You can of course share the cost of storage with your relative, but be sure to broach that subject with them before they move in with you.

If you’re getting ready for relatives to move in, and you’re spending your weekends rearranging furniture and moving things in and out of certain rooms, let EZ Storage® help. We can provide you with a convenient and affordable storage space that you can rent by the month. That way, if your family member is only staying for part of the year, you can rent a unit for six months instead of the entire year.

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